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    Why is nobody buying R2 and LBP?!!!!!!!!!

    Ive got both. And FYI, LBP has sold over a million copies worldwide, and R2 isnt far off that mark.
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    Ubisoft says: Haze launching in January-February

    Thank god for that. We will playing this game very soon!
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    Far Cry 2 coming to PS3
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    PS3 Platinum (Greatest Hits) range?

    I was just wondering if and when Sony are going to start releasing a Platinum range (Greatest Hits range in US). There have been Platinum ranges for the PS One, PS2 and PSP so I doubt that there wont be one for the PS3. In order for a game to qualify for the Platinum range, a game must sell...
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    Uncharted #1 on Gameplay

    Who says that PS3 owners arent buying Uncharted? Well at least they are in the UK. Uncharted is currently the no.1 best-selling game across all formats on Gameplay, subsidy of GAME and the most popular online game retailer in the UK. It is also good to see that Assassins Creed is no.3 in the...
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    PS3 in 2007 - A year of games

    Just thought Id compile a list of the best PS3 titles (exclusive and multiplatform) that have been released over the past year. This just goes to show that the PS3 had an awesome line-up of top titles, no matter what anyone says. January: :( February: Virtua Fighter 5 March: The Elder...
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    New Yakuza: Kenzan! trailer - 7 minutes Does this game look awesome or does this game look awesome! Its coming out in March in Japan, so when do we get it?
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    Haze still set for January

    According to the European Ubisoft Shopping website Haze is still set for release in January. This appears to contradict the US Ubistore, which currently lists the game as being released for August. I am inclined to believe the European store, considering that Ubisoft are a French publisher...
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    5 things Kane & Lynch couldve done better

    I got Kane & Lynch for Christmas on the back of all the controversy it was surrounded with. I actually thought it was a decent game and I had alot of fun with it (the Tokyo nightclub level was awesome). However, I believe that there were a few noticeable features of the game that prevented it...
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    What PS3 game have you played the most?

    For me, it is either Oblivion or Warhawk. I was addicted to Oblivion when it was first released so I invested a great deal of time playing it, but I havent played it for a while now. I always play Warhawk from time to time, like those times when theres nothing better to play. What about...
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    Warhawk problem w/ Omega Dawn looming

    I dont know about anyone else, but since the last Warhawk patch I have not been able to access the game at all as the patch seemed to ditach me as the owner of the game. This hasnt bothered me too much as I have been playing other stuff, but with Omega Dawn just around the corner I really want...
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    If PlayStation had an official mascot...

    ...who would/should it be?
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    PlayStation 3 GOTY 2007?

    Now that all the exclusive PS3 titles have been released this year, what was your favourite? I am only including exclusive titles in the list as I feel that the GOTY should be a title that can only be experienced on the PS3.
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    PSN in-game voice chat

    OK, so we know that not all PS3 games support voice chat, but is there a function to launch voice chat via PSN and then go in-game?? This was a cool feature of XBL (when I had an 360 lol) so it meant that u could talk to your friends and not have to talk to other people. I dont think that PSN...
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    People that buy Wii & DS

    I was in a GAME store (in the UK) today. It was fairly early on so there wasnt many people in the store, but the people that were in the store were asking for either a Wii or a DS. The most suprising element of it all though is that they were all middle-aged women! Granted that some of them...