• I'm just a lowly SMC. But I'm sure the coders are working on it. Hang in there!
    I hear you Sir, I'm a firm believer in it myself tbh. Before I do anything I always ponder if it's a good or bad move.
    I just saw your "is everyone in psu normal?" question on the birthday thread and my answer is..we're all weird in our own way :D.
    Nice nice, glad you have an interest in it :) It's a very very good show , will definitely hold your interest I think and it helps that there's 50 episodes :D
    That sounds cool, lets you shake things up a bit.

    Yeah I think it is, IGN's Daily Fix did an excerpt on it. It looked really fun from what I saw :)

    You watching any anime? I just finished Eureka 7
    That's cool how they give you special perks for donating, what's a scramble vote to? Can you use those votes as many times as you want or only once per match?

    Dead Space, that's another one of those good games people like but I won't touch because I can't stand the gore. Funny thing is I'll watch the Resident Evil movies since they're not as bad, but the games are on a different level. Thanks, good to see you're still around too :) Yeah I heard about that from IGN, how is it? I heard it's a revised game but it looked really fun :)
    Part 2

    I've heard it's a great game so it'll be a shame to miss out on it. I'm a sissy when it comes to zombies so I'll stay away from Resident Evil, I played the very first one and it scared me so much that I ended up finishing it and never went back to another one :lol: The look they have just creeps me out, can't stand them, bleh. I heard Farcry 2 was super pretty, I actually remember playing the demo for it awhile ago but didn't do too well. Yep, that's a great idea :) taking it one game at a time is the best thing you can do so you don't end up overdosing :D
    Part 1

    Yeah that's the thing about clans and guilds, I like being in them but the mandatory practicing makes it difficult especially when you have your own plans and can't devote extra time. Wow that's awesome, I'm sure they appreciate the donations :) what kind of benefits do you get? That's great! having people at work you get along with makes work so much easier :)

    Ahh so it's like Starcraft 2, funny thing is I like strategy games but I was turned off on Starcraft when I heard all everyone does it zerg you so it's not fun and you need to know how to deal with the zerging which I don't.

    Nice! I've always wanted to play Mass Effect but I can't find it for PC and I don't have an Xbox. Rumor is someone is going to be releasing it later for the PS3 I hope. -cont-
    Awesome :) so are you in a TF2 clan or do you just play with friends? I don't have steam but if I ever do I'll be sure to look you up ! :D Thanks for the invite :) Glad you like the job, it makes being there much more easier and the day goes by smoother in most cases. Ahh ok, I looked at it awhile back and your rank was much lower than it was when I saw it again so that means you're kicking *** :D

    Thanks :) Ruse, I vaguely remember hearing about that but is it a shooter? have a nice name, I like it. Star Wars does look really cool, I kinda wish the graphics were a bit better but they can't make it look too good or not enough people will be able to play it. I heard the first part of the beta is already under way, wonder how it's doing. Knowing Bioware they're doing well probably. Nice, what which Xbox games did you borrow?
    Yep it was me :D. Gurren Lagann was really good. You should check out Eureka 7, I'm watching it right now, similar to Gurren Lagann but better in it's own way; I think you'll enjoy it.

    Me? Not much honestly, console gaming is dead for me until September so I've been WoWing on my PC and having a good time. I keep forgetting to congratulate you on your Team Fortress 2 scores , last I checked you were getting up there :) are you still playing it? If not what's keeping you busy? How's that job treating you?
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