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    Whats with this download time!?

    Im Very annoyed :cuss About 5pm Tuesday I Started to Download Red Dead Redemption From Ps Plus for free As i post Its Thursday 12pm And its Up to 60% Its been on constantly Since ive started I have Bt Infinity And Fatty 60gb Ps3 Ive tried changing the channels and it made a slight...
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    HDMI Problem

    Hi I Had My PS3 Upstairs Playing in 720p So when i moved it downstairs i changed it to 576p. i Couldnt Play at all the screen would not show up, so i changed it SD Hoping to change it into HD After, I Go into Display Setting Click The HDMI Option and The screen would go black, Took the SD Cable...
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    Whats the best way to level up?

    Ive found that using Specialist kill streaks with hardline to be Pretty good for xp, Using different weapons alot and getting xp for challenges and another way is to use recon drone and tag Loads of people, oh and kill confirmed! Share your ideas :smile:
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    I Just got deranked!

    Last night i was 2nd prestige level 25 I Wake up this morning to find its deranked me to 1st 78 But the leader boards still say im 2nd 25 Why! Peed me off
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    The other day i posted a thread about my ps3 not reading disks, right so now it wont read any blue ray disks but reads cds and dvds :confused: i was playing it earlier today and bought my self a cleaning disk and followed instructions correctly and took it out no games able to be played, but...
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    What is going on with my Ps3!??????

    Right every time i load up my ps3 it doesent read my disk and i have to reset the whole console from the switch at the back sometimes twice before it reads the disk :mad: Why?!
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    Theater mode

    I Have a question about thearer mode. When it records and saves the game could i upload it to cod blackops website and dowload it off there or could i put it strait to my hardrive,Also is the quality like a capture card or is it like playing it (crystal clear)
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    Chopper Gunner ovew powered #/

    Over powered ? Good gameplay also
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    Ownage in gun game I Actul love this it lokks the best imo
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    Black Ops Zombies (good quality)

    Real zombies gameplay here looks pretty real and good quality
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    Uncharted 2

    Am i right in thinking if i go back to collect some tresures I just go to chapters then select what chapter i need and it wont reset my stats?
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    Black ops zombies videp.

    Its a video unsure if its real or not it could be a mod or something
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    A trailer u may or may not have seen

    I hadnt seen the trailer and the post up on youtube was very recent so ill post it up on here
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    Need help here please

    Right So my ps3 broke a couple of months ago and in the past i had shared my Dlc With friends. Im getting a ps3 next month and i have seen various comments saying that you need the person who dowloaded dlc to deactivate your acount of their ps3. How do i do that just delete the acount they...
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    Big ps3 save

    Big ps3 save here :lol: