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    5 Most Epic Just Cause 2 Stunts (Video)

    Just made another video, it's for the top 5 just cause 2 stunts... tell me what you think :)
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    New LBP 2 Preview Video...

    Hey guys, just finished a preview video of Little Big Planet 2 for my new games site... Tell me what you think :)
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    Would you buy Game Walkthrough eBooks?

    Hi all, I was thinking of making a shopping cart site for you to set up an account and buy individual ebooks on game walkthroughs, the perks would be: - you have a walkthrough locally situated (don't have to search for it.) - you'd have the option of notifications by email for new...
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    Motorbike racing Sig and Avy

    Hi peoples, I'd like a new sig and avy, I'd like it if you made it so it had a blurry speed bit and either make it very grungy or very galaxy(iy), I'll give you whatever I believe the sig and avy are worth ;) just to mix it up a little (note I'm a very generous guy.) 1 Rule: Must be awesome...
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    Effects Battle Anyone?

    Rules: must have a black background, no C4Ds or Brushes of any sort (apart from the normal circle brush if it is included in your effect.) must be made interlay in PS/GIMP/you get the idea. Reward: Anything (to an extent.) Extra Notes: Make it jaw-dropingly awesome! :crazy2 Also I'd prefer...
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    Spyrde Vs. PS3D - Animal Themed

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    Site Design

    Hey people, please don't take the following as a publicity stunt... I'm in the middle of creating a ps3 review site (took me about 10 mins to make get to register the name and set up the site which is an all time best of mine :cool:.) I'd like to hear all your criticisms and...
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    Mirrors Edge Battle anyone?

    Who's Up For It? Rules: -must include Faith Rewards: -whatever you want (to an extent ;))
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    C4D Like Wallpaper

    Helooo, Tell me what you guys think of this please :) made on GIMP using nothing but GIMP.
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    PS3 On A Diet!

    The PS3 Slim, is getting slimmer! They're making my (original) PS3 look obese! the PS3 "SKU" is gonna be on the market by March Heres the full article: (I bet they're just filling them with helium.)
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    Greed Corp...

    It Looks awesome! I Just read about it and now I know it's awesome XD
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    Quantum Theory!

    Another great preview from my mate, It sold me... ;)
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    GOW Preview Goldmine!

    Hey, a friend just finished a post, and it's got some good info on GOWIII... :)
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    Mac > Ethernet > Wireless Dongle > Internet?

    Hi I couldn't decide wether to post this on the mac forums or a ps3 forums, I'll post on these forums tho... what I want to do is get my wireless HUWAEI usb (think that's how you spell it. unlimited internet) to give internet from my iMac (latest one I think) to my PS3. I have an ethernet cable...
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    GOW III sub forum Petition

    hey everyone, just thought it might be a good idea to get a GOW III sub forum as it's looking a little crowded on the main PS3 Games forum ( here.. ) so sign the petition! just comment on this and I'll add you to the list below :)