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    [Official] New Forums -- Feedback Thread

    Testing. Edit: All good Chris. Thanks!
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    [Official] New Forums -- Feedback Thread

    There seems to be issues with my permissions. My posts aren't showing except the one in this thread.
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    So maybe this has been covered but why does it say all my posts have to bee approved for normal members to see and I'm having trouble finding my new posts after the fact.
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    Sony QA process holds back PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PS4 release

    Why the hell is this the only game I've been hearing about for the last 6 months but have heard nothing about it in the months leading up. I swear gaming sites are being paid to market it. Lol
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    Best app for forums

    Although i cant figure out how to edit posts and is there a usercp panel like before? New to this format. Lol
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    Best app for forums

    Yeah it's much easier to navigate on mobile now.
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    [Official] New Forums -- Feedback Thread

    I'm going to have to get used to this. Definitely much more mobile friendly now!
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    PS Vita 2 largely dismissed by Sony, take no accountability for PS Vita failing

    I seriously doubt it. I Don't really hahave be much faith in console companies to support side ventures unless it's a sure fire winner. Judy look at the track record. Unfortunately add ons like vr don't usually have wild success. Handhelds are a bit different because they are standalone but it...
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    PS Vita 2 largely dismissed by Sony, take no accountability for PS Vita failing

    Yeah they are to blame for its failure. Ds doesn't have the same issue that vita had, devoted support of the platform. Also cost hurt too out of the gate.
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    George Lucas is Planning a $1 Billion Dollar Museum Wish it was all Star Wars but i bet it will be cool nonetheless.
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    New Captcha Issue?

    Just tried to post a thread. The new robot check captcha is blocking me from completing the post. I do the confirmation then it acts like it takes it and proceeds to a blank page. Tried like 5 times.
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    So I Finally Broke! Got an Xbox One S!

    As the subject says. Lol I've been putting this off for a while but I'm excited. So i got Gears 4, Sunset Overdrive, and the MC Collection. Mynd has graciously offered me the original Gears games. So anyone else got any suggestions or tips for me. Keep in mind I've only played for a short...
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    HDR Patches Could Have a Fee on Some Titles Ugh...
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    PlayStation 4.5 Rumored to be Releasing This Fall at $400

    Still not sure how I feel about this. I guess it's nice as an option but I can only see this hurting already growing development times and delays. Idk maybe I'm wrong.