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    Akon Announces the signing of the "male lady gaga" I personally think this kind of music will NOT be popular among the general public. Why Akon signed this person is beyond me. Does anyone actually think this...
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    72-YEAR-OLD granny having incestuous affair with her own GRANDSON "Pearl says the relationship is not wrong after a friend told her about Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) syndrome, which occurs when close relatives meet as adults and find they are attracted to...
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    Wii Fit injury turns woman into a sex addict!

    What a weird story
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    100 year old woman says drink and cigarettes keep her young

    "Lorna Gobey smoked her first cigarette in 1940 – the same year the country was blitzed during the Battle of Britain. The retired cinema-usher, who smokes 20 Sterling Superkings Blue a day, has gone through over half-a-million cigarettes since then."...
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    When A Mexican Drug Lord Gets Busted

    Gold Gun??!? Tigers and Panthers!? and more money then I've ever seen in my life. Crazy.
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    Another shooting near Columbine

    Luckily only two students were wounded, as some Dr stopped the gunman. Would anyone have the courage to confront a gunman?
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    Want to live past 100?

    If you do... this might be good news for you.
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    13 year old looks like she's 50 Just like that movie benjamin button.
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    Interested in the IPAD? I am on the fence about picking this up, is anybody getting it when it's released?
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    The U.S to blame for the earthquake?

    Is the U.S to blame for the earthquake in Haiti? Sounds like a ridiculous question but that is what venezuelan leader hugo chavez claimed. YouTube- Chavez: US weapon test caused Haiti earthquake Think this guys a crazy?
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    Man steals necklace from 5 year old

    YouTube- Terrible: Man In California Robs A 5-Year-Old For His Gold Chain! (Knocks Him To The Ground) The guy on the bike is a jerk in my opinion.
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    PS3 Portable

    Looks uncomfortable, and it has to be near a wifi hotspot.. but it looks cool. What are your thoughts? ''Sorry if already posted"
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    Asian GF Destroys PS3

    What would you do if your gf did this? YouTube- Asian Girlfriend Destroys PS3
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    Is my PS3 calling it quits?

    When I play Uncharted 2 online my PS3 shuts off. I have tried multiple times with the same results. ( Some times I can get into a game for a minute but then my ps3 just turns off ) I will test other games after I work today to see if the problem isn't only related to uncharted 2 online. Any...
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    Guy Marries Video Game!!

    Sorry if this is already posted, but this is one of the weirdest things I've ever heard of.