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    I have returned!

    It's been years since I have been on here mostly dealing with personal stuff like work and other things but I wanna get back on here. I missed this forum a lot and the info I got on here was always top knotch. I got my PS3 on and after a long time away from it I'm playing games again. At the...
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    Anybody else like Kill Confirmed game mode?

    I ignored it and played TDM since I jumped into the MP but once I played one game of Kill Confirmed I was hooked almost instantly. I like that game mode and have been playing it for about a hour now. Anybody else a fan of this game mode?
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    Anybody Else Excited about the G36C returning in MW3?

    I LOVED that gun in COD4 and I fully intented to use it when I level up to it. I would switch between the M4 and G36C in COD4 but mainly liked using the G36C more. I got tons of kills and remember going on a killing rampage with it on shipment map.
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    Austin Powers actor is suspect in cellmates death

    I remember this dude in the movie but I didn't know he was in jail for life for gang rape charge to begin with now he is suspected in the death of his cellmate. Source
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    XBL Down 10/3 for service problems?

    Is anybody having trouble singing into XBL right now? I got kicked off line about 15-20 minutes ago and when I try to sign back in it says to go to support page on I went on there and the XBL is defo down it says "Service Alert". Is anybody else having trouble signing into XBL right now?
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    Cardboard Warfare 2

    The latest installment in the series as expected its EPIC.
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    PlayStation Vita pictures at E3

    Id be more intrested in the girl than the PS Vita. :lol: Shes actually pretty hott. Anyway, back on topic, if I liked handhelds I would totally get this but I really don't. I bought a PSP due to the hype and some of the games but I played it for a few months then never played it again. I don't...
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    Fail After Fail...Camping Makes Another Prediction!

    Source He failed 2 previous prediction so why not make another one right? For all we know the 3rd times the charm!
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    The Darkness 2, Anybody getting it?

    I played The Darkness a loooong time ago on the 360 and I thought it was pretty badass, tons to do and killing guys with darkness powers never got old. I ended up completing it and got 1k achievements for it, then I sold it at a later time. I saw the trailer witch really wasn't telling at all...
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    The REAL question about buying a 360 (PSN Downtime Related)

    I have seen posts from people asking the question "should I buy a 360?". The real question you have to ask yourself is...Are you buying a 360 just because PSN is still down with no 100% word on when its going to be up? or Are you buying a 360 because you actually want to play on it regardless if...
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    360 going out soon? (weird problem)

    I have the new console redesigned one and I have noticed a weird problem with it. I play games like Halo Reach, NHL 11 and MOH 2010 and it runs just fine no problems. I popped in MW2 (borrowed from a friend) and the campaign gives me trouble ill start a game and then after awhile my system...
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    Your 360 Blog

    I was a memeber like 3 years ago but this site is pretty cool and just got back into it since im playing the 360 more and ignoring the PS3 due to Sony's shame. You sign up, put in your gamer tag and tweak some settings in your dashboard (some selections have to be put to Everyone like gaming...
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    Black or White?

    I would get the Black NGP, its original and the dirt won't show and make it look old and used. The white looks cool and it is different but it gets dirty pretty fast specially around the buttons unless you plan on cleaning it after every use.
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    Crysis 2 Team Player Trophy

    Whats Up everybody, im not sure how many of you have this trophy yet but if you are looking to get it post here. I'm online right now and if 2 other people want to add me to get this trophy and also play a few rounds ill be on all night or at least until midnight (California Time). Also post in...
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    What's the main lesson Sony learnt from the PSP?

    Until they maximize the battery life and make it last longer they haven't learned anything.