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    New member of the family...

    Just chilling at the hospital, thought I'd post the reason for being here... 21 inches and 8 lb 14 oz, making big babies as usual (others were 8lb 9oz and 9lb 2oz). Logan Alexander is the name. Sent from my HTC Rezound on Tapatalk 2
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    Anyone carve pumpkins this year?

    I did two this year. Scarecrow Zombie Better views of the hands Sitting outside Two I did last year And two from the year before Anyone else do any jack-o-lanterns?
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    Macho Man Randy Savage died today
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    Edward Norton won't be playing The Hulk anymore Just read this and thought I'd share. I thought he was good in the first film. I wonder who will replace him...
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    Another death thread - Dennis Hopper

    I kinda get tired of the death threads but DH was a great actor in some good movies so I felt like posting it.,,20337801,00.html <!-- jump -->
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    Slayer goes to church

    Lulz were had. :lol: YouTube- Slayer Goes To Church
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    Sweetest rides of all time...OF ALL TIME

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    Die Antwoord = pure win

    I heard these guys a while back and kinda forgot about them. I came back across them and couldn't stop laughing so I thought I'd post em up. YouTube- Die Antwoord - Zef Side (Official) YouTube- Die Antwoord - Enter The Ninja (Official) YouTube- Die Antwoord - Wat Pomp Impressions?
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    Swooped a new Blu-ray player

    Well, my Panasonic BD-35 was giving me occasional playback problems with certain BDs, so the wife and I decided to move it to the bedroom and grab a new player for the living room. After some research, I decided to get the Sony BDP-S570. Along with BD playback (duh), it also has built-in wifi...
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    Those mean online gamers...

    Just read this on Yahoo.
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    Story of selling heroin in New York

    Just read this on another forum and thought it was interesting. Yes, it's long, but it's also a good story and is easy to read through. Don't know if it's really true or not, but interesting none-the-less.
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    Red Dead Redemption sig and avy....+rep for tries and sp for winner

    Looking for a Red Dead Redemption Sig and avy. Nothing too specific about it, just want it to look decent. Don't really need my name on it or anything. I could give 4k sp or so and I'll rep anyone who gives it a try. Don't necessarily have any pics that I need to it to based off of, but I do...
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    Kicked in the nuts....hard Can't believe this guy. 1,100 lbs of force straight to the nuts with barely a flinch. :shock:
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    Lambo --> Mustang

    Why, oh why?
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    Sweet Halloween costumes

    I think this is a pretty good idea. YouTube - AFV Glowing stick costumes