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    Ray's Twin Thread of Awesomness!

    What a day! It was a whirlwind. Went to sleep last night about 2 or 3 (not sure, but I'm sure I could find my last post from last night lol), woke up at 5, and was at the hospital about 7. There's construction going on at our hospital, so I dropped off my wife Melissa at the front, parked the...
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    Nintendo Direct - 04/17/13

    Info taken directly from GoNintendo. So pumped for ALttP AND Yoshi's Island sequel!!!
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    Doctor Who

    I had always heard about it, seen people reference it so many times, but I never saw it. I saw the series on Netflix, so about a month ago I finally decided to check it out to see what all the fuss was about. I sat through the first 3 episodes and wasn't overly impressed. It had some humor...
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    Posting pics costs Points??

    When did this happen? I just tried posting two pics on the counting thread, and it said I needed 400+ points. So I moved 1000 points from my bank and they posted. And sure enough, 900 points got used just for posting pics. What's up with that?
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    Nintendo Power Successor - Nintendo Force

    I'm curious and want to check it out! Nintendo Force
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    Share your Wii U Nintendo ID/Username here

    PSU Members Wii U ID's: Ray_210 RayU84 Deviousone DeviousOne F34r F34RTEHWiiU Lethal_NFS Lethal Ryunosuke Key222 Noxia Noxia85 A7MAD A7MAD_AU Linconan Linkon kidd0218 kidd0218 updated 12/18/2012
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    Wii U Demo Units in Gamestop and Best Buy

    Looks like the demo units are starting to roll in with Rayman Legends. Gonna go get lunch at subway in another hr and a half, then check out the gamestop next door afterwards to see if they have it! Man I hope I can get one on or around launch! Source
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    New ZombiU Details

    Read the rest here. Or if it's too long, here's a list of details. 1 week to go before we find out when we can play this!
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    Nintendo Wii U Press Conference - September 13

    Source Just a few more weeks and seems we'll have all we need to know for launch!
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    Pachter: Nintendo should charge $60 for Wii U games

    Source I hate that I'm mentioning Pachter, but I was just curious if anyone can see where someone would come to this conclusion. I think it's stupid and just him trolling as usual.
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    Game of Thrones Sig Request

    Can anyone make a Game of Thrones sig for me? I'm looking for a 500x120 with the pics used below. Preferably with the logo in the middle and the two beasts facing it. And the whole pictures don't have to be in there. Crop and be creative as you see fit. Is this being overly complicated? If...
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    Pacquio vs. Bradley

    Who saw the fight Saturday? Pacquio kicked Bradley's ass! I don't understand how the judges came to that conclusion. What do you think, bad judging, or was it fixed? I'm not a conspiracy theory kind of guy, but I really think it may have been. You'd have to be blind to not see who won. I think...
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    Anchorman 2

    So awesome! That is all.
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    Do you have a favorite bad movie?

    Everyone has their favorite movies, and movies so bad that they wish they could get that time of their life back. But what about movies that are so bad, they're actually funny? Two movies that come to mind are "Cool as Ice", starring none other than Vanilla Ice, and "Thankskilling", a movie...
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    What's your user name mean?

    Just a simple question. As anyone could guess, my name us Ray, short for Raymond. 210 is my area code. So what significance does yours have?