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    PS4 Dimming?

    Sounds like you have contrast enhancement (whatever your TV may call it) turned on. Turning that off should eliminate that issue. You may have to adjust your TV's brightness/contrast settings to compensate after turning it off though.
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    Any chance of ps5 getting announced in near future..

    As long as it allows full BC with all PS4 games, I'm OK with them announcing it at any time. But if it doesn't allow PS4 BC or they get greedy with digital purchases (I'm 100% digital this gen), then the longer they take to announce a new console the better, as far as I'm concerned.
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    When are you too old? When will you stop?

    On March 18th, I will turn 50 years old. I'm still gaming. I may not be as hardcore as I used to be and play on easy more than I used to, but I still play. I don't really see that changing any time soon. I've been a gamer since I got my first Pong system when I was 6 in 1974, I don't...
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    Getting Burnout?

    Yeah, I'm getting it. Even though I really don't care for open-world racers, I do like crash'n'bash racing.
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    Need for Speed Payback free roam mode

    I don't understand what exactly that means to have an "online free roam mode".....I can cruise the entirety of the game map as it is, what more to it will there be?
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    How Should Sony Improve the PS Vita

    Add a second set of shoulder buttons so it could be properly compatible with remote play.
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    How Should Sony Improve the PS Vita

    Cut the price of the memory cards by at least 50%, that would be a start.
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    PSTV was a half-baked device that was doomed from the start. It was a Vita that was incompatible with many Vita games. No controller was ever made to be able to use features the Vita had, so they just made the games "incompatible" instead. Ridiculous. It used those custom Vita memory cards...