• Here you go. Quality is the same, but the important thing is that it's resized:

    Yeah... agreed. The ship actually works as a desktop-paper. The hologram map is just something cool to look at now and then. I'm gonna post another shot I thought was really nice from the trailer. Scott's cinematography isn't always the exact kind I truly enjoy, but it still works very well for his style. Blade Runner was probably my favorite in that respect out of his top three: Alien, Blade Runner, and Gladiator.
    That one is good too but it's not as easy to see my desktop icons. A lot of the shots in Prometheus look amazing though. And I love what they did with the Weyland Industries website.
    There's another wallpaper, but yeah... the ship is definitely better, and I don't know just really cool. The shot in the hologram map room from before still blows my mind lol.
    Need to remind myself to rep you for the Prometheus wallpaper.

    Afterall, it was my favorite shot from the trailer. :)
    I wanted to get your opinion on something since you're studying film. My professor for our film class said that a good way to make money in this industry is to get good at writing/writing screenplays so that you could sell it to whomever. Is that true? The other thing was: I'm really interested in cinematography...would you say it's easier to get a job in that than writing/directing?
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