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    Heavy Rain...The Best Game Ever!

    Until this day mY favourite game of all time was Metal Gear Solid 4 and I thought that this would not change for a long time, maybe it would chane with MGS5 but maybe it would remain that way forever. But Heavy Rain changed all of this. Heavy Rain is the most emotional experience any game...
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    Heavy Rain UAE

    Hey , I live in Dubai(Im an expat) and Heavy Rain is banned here, and there's no where I can find it here. I want to get the EU PAL version so I can get dlc any ideas where I can get it? I'm happy to buy it onlin but can't find a site that delivers the EU version here(tried Amazon). I'm really...
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    Ratchet and Clank: ACiT is Amazing

    After playing through uncharted 2 standards will ne set high. And yet I found R&C amazing so far. I couldn't believe it but they made the series even better. I will be posting more impressions later but for now just wanted to tell those people on the fence definetly worth the money surely moreso...
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    R&C , Tekken 6 or MW2? Help

    Hey guys, Which game do you think is most worth a buy, I will eventually buy all 3 wGh but can't decide which to get first. Rather and Clank ACiT Tekken 6 Modern Warfare 2
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    FIFA 10 Manager Mode Problem

    Hey everyone, I have a problem in FIFA 10 manager mode I'm in my fourth season with Barcelona and none of my big players want to renew their contracts even if I offer max incentives and salary. Any suggestions?
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    Acing all LBP levels! How hard can it get?

    I'm currently trying to ace all LBP levels as well as collect all prize bubbles and so far I've gotten to the seprent shrine and no matter how much I try I can't ace it. My sofa takes a beating every time I try to ace it :D. How hard was acing everything for the rest of you? also any suggestions.
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    Resistance 2 or Killzone 2

    I have just finished Killzone 2(late I know) and wonder what do you guys think which game is better and in what way? Ill try to rate them. Graphics: Killzone 2 has better graphics at least thats what I think. Weapons: Although Killzone 2 had a knife(XD) Resistance 2 had better weapons imo...
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    EDIT:Already posted
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    InFAMOUS Karma Question(possible spoilers)

    I have just bought Infamous and started playing it trying to be a good guy. I have a question what exactly gives bad/good karma. Does killing cops give bad karma?
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    Resistance 2 Clan [MGS]Metal Gear Solid S

    If anyone wants to join my clan in R2 its called Metal Gear Solid S, its an R2 clan for MG/MGS fans/lovers/likers and anyone can apply. Alternatively put your psn id in this thread and I will invite you.
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    Mgs+r2 clan

    Hey everyone, I created a clan called Metal Gear Solid S Clan tag is [MGS] in R2 anyone who likes/loves MGS and plays R2 can join up post your PSN to get an invite or apply to the clan. PSN:Revenger992
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    Resistance Online Co-op leavers ???

    This might be a stupid question of me but in every coop game I play there are always 1 or more leavers, it bothers me because I cant get the team player trophy, anyone else feel the same?
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    Resistance 3 Story Speculation Thread[R2SPOILERS]

    I recently beat Resistance 2 and now I'm playing it on Superhuman. Anyways I'm guess I'm not the only one who is hyped for Resistance 3(Surely it will come) and wondering about what Resistance 3 will be about. I know there was a thread about R2's ending this is about R3. There are multiple...
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    Prince of Persia Ending,(MEGA SPOILERS)

    I just finished the game yesterday and don't quite understand the ending, are there multiple ones, also did the prince sell his soul to Ahriman by cutting the trees?
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    CoD:WaW 100% trophies help thread

    SO finally today I have 100% of trophies for CoD:WaW. So if anyone needs help on getting a certain trophy ask me and maybe others who have 100% to help in this thread.