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    Graphics Card Help

    I'm looking to buy a graphics card for my old pc so i can play some newer games, just not sure what will work and what wont! My Pc is: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ 2.21ghz 1gb Ram RADEON X800 GTO I know more ram is eseential but want to know whether this...
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    Linux Help

    Iv been given a new(old) computer that has no os installed, it was half waay through a windows xp install and keeps going back to this everytime i turn it on. Im trying to install linux on it, but theres no way to make the computer boot from CD and not hard drive, as for some reason it wont let...
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    I think iv broke my playstation!

    So i downloaded the newest update (2.52?) and left it to download while i watched tv on another channel, came back to it and its stuck with just the background moving around, no xmb or anything, controllers wont let me shut it off so i reset it. Turned it back on and same thing, its permantely...
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    PSU Content

    Not sure if this has been posted or you know about it... On the PS3forums site the psu content RSS feed doesn't update like it does if you have the feed. (hope i explained that right) I think on the site one its a few days old.
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    Dan Houser Rockstar interview.

    Very interesting but very long read but theres some good stuff in it..
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    HMV + GT5:P Heads up

    HMV are running a nationwide competition from 18th to 25. 2 laps of the New london circuit with the fastest times entering a playoff on the 28th of March with prizes up for grabs Think its running in every shop, i had a go today in Leeds got a respectable 2mins 23s for the 2 laps. Even if your...
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    Army of Two Preview

    I was looking forward to this until last October when it got delayed for been crap. Not sure what to think now, but the new multiplayer mode (obstacle source) does sound decent.
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    Drink Driving Adverts on 360 online

    (sorry if old!) Scottish government are now using the virtual billboards in online versions of titles including Need for Speed: Carbon, Project Gotham Racing 4 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 to target young drink drivers. I think it could work, but how many people take notice of the billboards...
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    November NPD's

    So there they are! discuss!
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    xbox problem 360 What to do?

    EDIT - Problem solved delete whenever :) I sold my 360 a while ago, but they guy i sold it to has had a problem with the sound and the screen going green and it sometimes crashing etc. Anyway im not really to sure what to, i bought it less than a year ago from Tesco. Could someone please tell...
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    Bioshock £22

    Just a heads up for those who haven't got it yet, haven't seen it much cheaper and definetivly worth a buy at this price. Gamestation in store £22.49 source - Edit - Also Colin Mcrae Rally is £21 on the same website. :)
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    Jack Thompson at GDC (or not)

    After yesterdays reports (by himself) Jack Thompson claimed that he was invited to be a keynote speaker at GDC 2008. Turns GDC knows nothing of it. Source
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    Play Asia To UK

    Is it possible to get Play Asia to deliver to the UK, iv just signed up on the website because its so much cheaper and when i add to cart it says that items cannot be shipped to my location! Does anyone know a way around this, as it 15/20 quid cheaper than buying them in Game!
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    EA in Huge buyout

    Please delete if posted. EA buying pandemic and Bioware is huge, surely making all games connected with the 2 company's multiplatform in the near future? Big news! Including 4 or 5 new games from each over 09/10 Edit - maybe not such big news as...
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    TGS- New Firmware Demo

    At the end of this ign article, it states that the new firmware will be available for use! let the guess's to what it holds begin!