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    Help transferring data from 20GB --> 360s 250GB

    I have just bought a 250GB 360S and I'm trying [and failing] to copy my profiles/game save data. I have a cable that plugs into my old 20GB drive. When I plug this into the 360S it recognises a drive, but asks me to format it before it can be used. I can plug this drive into my PC and using...
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    somewhere else to go

    No, it's the 360 side of the ps3forums that contains the intellectuals. ;) Can be rather sarcastic sometimes too.
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    OMFG - Castle Crashers is Finished - Release Imminent!!!

    I have been waiting for this XBLA 4 player co-op/versus game to be released for soooooo long. Now, according to the Dev blog, it's completed. :o :D Hopefully we'll be seeing it in the not too distant future. Source For those who don't know what Castle Crashers is, I've prepare the following to...
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    GT:5P vs GRID

    I have posted this here and not in the games section because IT IS A JOKE. It's a humourous video, not meant to be taken or critiqued in a serious fashion: :lol: @ the driving of that suzuki cappuccino
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    Castle Crashers

    Anybody know when this game's likely to be released. Seems like I've been waiting for it forever. It's going to be amazing though. No doubt.
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    Come on Rockstar - WTF is going on?!

    I find it quite disappointing that R* have made no official announcement regarding the recent "must disconnect from PSN to load" problems. It seems to be affecting an awful lot of people. There's nothing on their site, no press releases to the media, it's almost as if they want to sweep it...
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    This Month's Edge Magazine

    Game Reviewed [score] GTA:IV [10] Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core [6] GT 5:P [7] Echochrome [7] Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 1 [4] Ninja Gaiden: DS [7] Opoona [7] Bangai-O Spirits [9] Assassins Creed: DS [3] Soul Nomad & The World Eaters [6] Redlynx Trails 2: Second Edition [7] Edge are...
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    This kid may have played too much GTAIV

    lock him up now before he kills someone
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    Arguably The Best 360 Deal in the History of the UK - Ever

    1 x 360 Pro with falcon chips (my friend recently bought one) 1 x Halo 3 1 x GTA IV All for only: £208.71 :o Check the deal out at Argos: here (Click on Special Offers and add Halo 3 and GTA IV to receive the discount.) You can pick it up in-store too. Bargain!
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    God of War 3 to Feature Online?

    I'm thinking co-op would be incredible in God of War. Source
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    How's GTA Online on Live?

    There was talk of Microsoft upgrading the infrastructure, just wondering how [un]successful this has been and whether Live is holding up to the GTA effect.
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    10 Golden Rules of Videogame Fanboyism

    Recognise any of this? :lol: Source
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    Super Mario UT3 Mod Some serious effort has gone into this. I like it. In a kooky kinda way. :D
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    Some Interesting Microsoft Patents

    Method and apparatus for quickly joining an online game being played by a friend Online game invitations using friends list Method and apparatus for creating and playing soundtracks in a gaming system Now, I knew about the custom soundtracks, but game invites and joining friend's games are two...
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    Excellent Destructoid GTA IV [P]review

    Source G-Day is nearly here! :D