• Yeah, I remember. I honestly just got tired of the game after a while. Didn't want to say anything because I felt bad since you helped me with collecting the rare Pokemon. I will pick it up again if Nintendo announces Metroid 5 or something equally amazing.
    I actually sold my 3DS a couple months ago so I can't accept it. Sorry, man.
    I haven't really followed the NBA this year. I'm just not interested in watching sports anymore it seems.
    I strongly agree with Durant, but not with Lebron, idk, I just dont see him play as much. Kobe still has a chance, but he isn't consistent. Sure, there may be a lot of games where he scores 30 or around that but in most games, his percentage from the field is awful. Also, he is really good, but when Kobe is at his best the Lakers win, not a win streak here, a win streak there, and then a five game losing streak. I mean sure it's a team effort, but we're talking about Kobe here...
    I agree, OKC is a great challenge for the Heat, but i still think the Heat would win in a 7 Game series. I'm very disappointed in the knicks. Like you said they have great talent but no chemistry, if they had chemistry they would be fun to watch. Who do you like for MVP so far? My top 3 is Kevin Durant, Kobe, then Rose. In order. lol
    Haha, they're just disappointing this season so far. The Heat is doing very good this season. What do you think their chances are in getting to the Finals?
    I know, I hope we'll see the triple header on Christmas.

    I think the Bulls may beat the Lakers if they play each other.
    If you stay on your profile for about 30 sec, you get the option to customize it, and add pictures. Took me over half an hour to do all of it.
    It shows up at the bottom of the Forum Page, I xheck it everyday.

    I made the 8th grade basketball team, so I get to dress up for home games.
    Damn, but that's costume games right? What is the average kills that they/you get in ranked matches?

    (Im a quickscoper btw)
    I should get the hang of it, Im a R2 OG:snicker. I ignore all those people who are rude. And yes, I do live in the US. Also, I cant play til next week now because I got grounded, :/
    And, I went online yesterday, and it said that you went offline 5 minutes ago. Bad timing on my part.
    Dude, are you up for RFOM today?
    All I have to do is ask my dad to play it because it's his game. Hopefully, If I can play then I can also play with AKWSTARWARS. The more people the merrier! :)
    thanks for the link ! reached Friends of resistance !

    Rennes is the town I live in Brittanny o))
    see you on FOM !
    Hi rob, I wasn't abble to log on PSU these days... FALL OF MAN OF COURSE !!!
    By the way, I've heard about "FRIENDS OF MANCHESTER" on Facebook, but when I google it, I can't find the link... or I find all sorts of manchester's friends lol .

    Do you have the direct link to that page ?

    my real name on facebook : TED BEAUVARLET - france - brittanny ;)
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