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    Firmware 2.0 is live!!!!

    So excited! I downloaded and installed fw 2.0. Now I'm backing my vita up so I'll be prepared when my 32gb memory card arrives tomorrow. I'll restore my back up and start downloading all the ps+ games when I get home from work. Then while waiting for the downloads, I'll make a trip out to gs to...
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    Wii HD Remakes

    I went out and bought a sharpshooter last night and starting playing Dead Space Extraction. While playing I though to myself how cool it would be to have more Wii games come to PS3 as move titles. I think it would be easy for a few devs to make some extra cash by porting and upscaling their...
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    Blur is Addictive!

    So I finally got a chance to pick up a new game. I went to best buy yesterday and was choosing between split/second and blur. Then I saw that blur was on sale for 40 bux so I grabbed it got home and unwrapped it. The single player is pretty forgetful, it does have custom soundtracks but its just...
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    Split/Second or Blur?

    Does anyone out there have both of these games? I'm looking for an arcade racer other than MNR and I'm not sure which will be better. I only want to get one for now. Blur looks like it has a better multiplayer progression system with xp and leveling but seems to have a weaker single player...
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    MLB.TV Coming to PS3 today!!!!

    If you haven't heard an MLB.TV app is coming to the Playstation store today and I'm super excited! Thank you so much Sony for signing this deal with the MLB. Now I can watch every Rangers game in hd on my tv...
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    what 4 games??

    So I decided to restrict my self to a budget of only 8 games this year because I need to save money for my big move at the beginning of next year to North Carolina. Anyway what other 4 games would you suggest to plan out my year. I say 4 because I already bought Darksiders, and I will be getting...
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    Very Upset with Brutal Legend

    Don't get me wrong I love the concept of the game but execution is really shoddy. To start the graphics have good style but really are not that technically great. The gameplay and controls are crap, why can't I jump? Also the story is funny sometimes but pretty stupid, and the mission are...
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    Game Suggestions

    I am new to PC gaming I just built my first gaming pc and am really happy with it, although I have missed out on so many years of quality games what are your suggestions? I already have: Orange Box UTIII Fable Counter Strike...
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    PS3 Repair Help

    So my launch 20 gig ps3 finally died last night. After using it nearly everyday for 2 1/2 years and a couple of hours on average every time I got the ylod. Haha I was actually watching Slumdog Millionare which I just bought on blu ray and it just shut off with my disc stuck in it..... Anyway so...
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    Uncharted Could Set the Bar for Graphics Again

    Its hard to tell from the leaked footage but I am sure Uncharted 2 will set the bar higher than the first one source:
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    10 new greatest hits (some good ones)

    great price for those who don't have God of War
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    Free Syphon Filter Code

    I already have it so I thought I would give this one away here it is first come first serve: 3DDC-2ABD-ELP8
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    Quantum of Solace Review

    link: I loved this movie and will be picking it up for sure. Looks like the picture and audio quality are great. Who else is getting it?
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    Any Prescott Gamers???

    I know its a small city and I don't think I have seen anyone on here from Prescott,AZ just curious to if there is any.
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    21 retail exclusives for 2009 and some PSN exclusives!

    link: cool list they are missing a few like Ratchet and Clank and a few are unconfirmed for 2009 but man this year will be another great one for PS3 owners