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    Help Buying a new tv

    I got money for christmas and i want a tv for my room i want LCD LED but my brother said to look for one with a low input lag but whenever i look at tv's online they dont put the input lag in specs so im ganna ask you guys what do you think is the best lcd led tvs with low input lag :D
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    Black widow Awesome spider

    This awesome video shows that spiders wont bite unless they really have to also lernt a cool fact about our funnel-web spider more people get hurt or die from the spider causing an accident then their actual bite SO STOP FREAKING OUT PEOPLE!!! haha
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    Psu race lobby

    im making a GT5 race lobby im bored and theres not many people online so if your up for some fun clean racing look for my lobby il call it but if you cant find it add my psn rusty-98-
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    We are such *****

    we as humans are *****
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    BF3 Battlelog help

    I went to sign up to Battlelog and it asked for my email and password so i put in my psn email and pass and it asked me to make a username so i went to use my psn but it said it was already taken =/ but ive never made one before so how come someone else has my psn
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    Psn cards,sydney

    anyone know where i can get psn cards i live in tamarama and also whats the lowest i can get?
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    Strange email about PSU

    Dear Webmaster I am working for a client in the online sportsbetting industry. We are looking for suitable partners to buy links from. We feel your website would be ideal for our advertising plans and would love to get a link on it. Please let me know if you...
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    Aus PS3 in the UK

    Hey could someone tell me if my PS3 will work in the UK? we are moving in a few months and it would SUCK not being able to play it and also will games i buy over there work on mine? or would i have to inport or whatever :/
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    Lets make some money$$$$ This looks sick as i wanna seeeeee it
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    Best ways to beat bullies?

    This prick at my school keeps picking fights with me and me being how i am i get mad and get into fights with him. I got suspended for fighting even tho i was just standing my ground like im not ganna let someone just bash me but anyways whats the best way to deal with ppl like this guy?
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    ready to hack again

    I dunno if its true but a link came up on google saying anon planing atack, now i cant find the link again:confused: i reallllllly hope not becasue i only got my ps3 last month so i havint even has much play time :mad: i really hate these hackers man.
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    where do i get the awesome paint jobs i see loads of people online with sick paint but the only cool paint i have is from the TVR's