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    Need help pinpointing computer issue.

    I recently got hit by a virus, used a virus scan and deleted the virus, then I decided to rescan again, went away, came back and the screen was blank and i was not able to get anything to show so i hit the restart button on the computer and the whole thing turn off. Usually I'm able to pinpoint...
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    Points in bank gone?

    I deposit over 2k of points into the bank and now it's gone, anyone having this issue?.
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    Sony to announce PSP2 in Tokyo on January 27 (

    omg im so hype for it. Wish it was like that fan made concept with the slider, but I dont mind this original look.
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    Sony to announce PSP2 in Tokyo on January 27 (

    With that mention, I think Nintendo 3ds will be just like Wii as Psp2 would be like ps3, Nintendo would get all the hype and sales in the beginning but eventually die down and Psp2 would probably catch up at the end.
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    Sony to announce PSP2 in Tokyo on January 27 (

    Man..i seriously cant wait for what Sony pulls out for the psp2, its been so many years since the first one.
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    Sony to announce PSP2 in Tokyo on January 27 (

    Wooooo..cant wait, my fat psp is still being used up till today, can't wait for the 2nd one.
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    PSP 2 revealed in gameinformer #13 according to youtube vid.

    Sony better hurry up and release some info on the psp2 before 3ds releases.. the games on that handheld looks sooo tempting.
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    Upgrading Hard Drive question

    My 40gb is out of space and im planning on upgrading to 160gb, will that last me or should I go higher?. I don't use my HD for movies nor music. Just demo, PSN games an installations.
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    Final Fantasy XIII Director Answers Fans FFXIII Questions

    Don't think this has been posted yet, most of the stuff we already know but it was interesting to know that he wanted Cacoon and Gran Pulse to have different gameplay experience.
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    Final Fantasy 13 releases date

    Just received a message from square enix member showing the release date of spring 2010 for u.s
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    Dissidia story mode

    I was wondering, how do you actually get 100% on each of the characters?, I went through prologue like 4 times, and the completion percentage was still at 93%
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    GT5 Weather Change/Night Racing Comfirmed

    This was an interview with Yamauchi-san conducted by Audi. Can't wait!!!! Heres the link heres a video showing some clips of Nurburgring YouTube - Audi R8 Meets Gran Turismo 5 (English Version)
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    Resident Evil Retrospective

    It's good to see all the past RE titles again. I miss the classic 3rd person view. Actually, I miss everything from the classics - Resident Evil Retrospective - Episode 1 2nd Part - Resident Evil Retrospective - Episode 2 3rd Part
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    Any good animes that are out besides the usual?

    Are there any good animes that are out? I'am mostly waiting every week to watch bleach and naruto and I was wondering if there are any other good animes out there.
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    Flash causing Internet Explorer 7 to crash?

    Lately my Internet Explorer 7 has been crashing alot, did a little research and found out that it was the flash add-on which was causing it to crash. The only way for me to stop the crash is to disable flash, but the thing is most website require flash, has anyone found a way to fix this?