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    PSP games not on the initial list but can be played...

    I have LittleBigPlanet for free from that crazy PSN down, if anyone remembers that. The game can be played on the Vita. Can anyone confirm if Coded Arms can be played? I really miss playing the game when my cousin had his PSP and the game and I want to have my own copy of it and play it again.
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    About Uncharted 3 online pass

    So, online pass for Uncharted 3. Does it already include in the new copy of the game or does everyone need to buy it fresh off from the PSN store? I've done this online pass before but on Dead Space 2 when I bought it as new. Which was kinda weird to me at first because at that time, I wondered...
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    Uncharted 3 - Euro Press Conference WARNING: May contain spoilers

    There are some inside look by discussing through the game. It may contain spoilers, so keep out if you don't want to watch it.
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    Uncharted 3 TV Spot! Extreme excitement, engage.
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    Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD for PS3 - Debut Trailer I have asked if there will be Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD and yes, it is confirmed. Gonna get this and Munch, for sure.
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    Is PSN Video Store worth it?

    I'm thinking I should finally put my money's worth on digital video content and then the PSN video store came into mind. I still prefer owning the real thing which is on disc. Be it blu-ray or at least a dvd. But for digital films and TV shows, it's a somewhat concern for me. However, I already...
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    PS3 controllers - The Japan models

    Still wondering and this has been answered by the many but not to me. I'd like to know if those import PS3 controllers can be used on an U.S. PS3 model? If anyone who actually own an imported PS3 controller, please let me know! Yes, it's because that cool looking brown controller is being...
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    Another way to add funds besides PSN card and credit/debit card?

    Anyone know if there's a way to add funds without a PSN, credit, or a even a debit card? I heard about entropay but I'm not so sure if that's legit. Has anyone tried that? There's some map pack on sale and I just want the amount of what the map pack is currently offering.
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    PSN Code Error: 80710B36

    I was gonna go and play Black Ops online because of the double XP weekend but then I got an error code 80710B36. I did the usual restart modem, router, and all that but nothing was solved. However, I did the direct connection from modem to PS3 and it worked fine but hate to do this way of...
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    For those who have The Sims 3

    Can anyone confirm if the game has free mode? My friend told me that there isn't. I feel bad that the console version doesn't have such a thing.
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    Which classic MW1 map would you like to play on MW2?

    Hate it or love it, Modern Warfare 2 is the latest COD game and the sequel to the first that we all know and love the most. MW2 now has Crash and Overgrown and with an announcement that another DLC is on the way, we get another chance of demanding probably another one or two classic maps. Maybe...
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    What the flip is going on?!

    I can't find where to post this but here. Anywho, I don't know if anyone's been noticing but there are members who have accessed certain sections of the forum site without the required amount of posts. I've read someone saying that there's some hacking going on. It's kinda not fair these damn...
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    Can anyone likely explain why there's 7 downloads when you buy the map pack? Sounds really ridiculous but I guess it's the security of gamesharing?
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    Let me get this straight...

    The playstation minis can also be played on my PS3? I don't have to own a PSP? Cause the PS Store has Monopoly and I like to play that game. Pardon me, I didn't pay attention to the whole fiasco on the PS minis. Plus are they worth getting? How do they differ to the PSN games?
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    Black Hawk Down and Modern Warfare similarities

    Wassup, you MW2 addicts! I'm currently watching Black Hawk Down again for a long time. Such a good movie despite the historical inaccuracies and other things about it. Putting the the debation about the events of Black Hawk Down, I saw so many similarities between the movie and the game, Modern...