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    X018 Event live at 4:00pm est

    Game Pass is fantastic. Backwards Compatibility is also fantastic. Ever since Phil Spencer took over, Microsoft has done a lot of things right. With that being said, they do need to get some more exclusive AAA games out in the pipeline. I'm mostly a fan of third-party games, but Microsoft's...
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    PUBG - PS4 Announcement

    I'm not too interested in this type of game, but one less thing for Xbox to be able to hold over our heads. :)
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    Have online games become too competitive?

    There are some things in life, you know you will never do... I will never walk on the moon. I will never be royalty. I will never be a Super Saiyan. As a man, I will never give birth. I will never fly without the help of a vehicle. And finally... I will never be as good at Call of Duty as 12...
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    Resident Evil 2 Claire gameplay, screenshots

    This game is going to be freaking amazing. I can't wait. Day one, for sure.
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    Sony confirms no PlayStation Experience for 2018

    I'm just patiently waiting for FF7 Remake news.... Good thing KH3 is finally releasing. I'm not a huge KH fan, but once it's out we should finally start getting some FF7 news. I wasn't surprised that they decided not to have PSX this year. Even at E3 they were tempering expectations. They still...
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    PSN Name Changes Are Coming

    I am glad Sony has been trying to do what is right by the fans. Allowing external hard drives was a huge deal for me. This one, not as much. I quite like my name and doubt I will change it. I like knowing the option is there, though, even though they have a few kinks to work out.
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    PS5 Backwards Compatibility With PS4 Games Looking Likely

    I think this is where we are headed permanently, and that's a very good thing. I still would like to see PS3 games on the PS5. Not sure how doable that would be. Wasn't most every multi-plat on PS3 ported from the 360 due to development difficulties of the PS3? If that's the case, what would...
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    Does the forum fellow still play the MGS HD Collection?

    Is this game on PS Now? I would play it if it were available on the PS4. We do have an Xbox One at my apartment and I know it's backwards compatible now, so I might give it a go on that. Reason being, I absolutely loved MGS2. The first two MGS games were brilliant. However, I never could get...
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    Nintendo Switch Sales and Numbers Thread

    I hope so as well. There have been rumors of Nintendo in the process of making a 3DS successor... I hope that isn't true, because I feel it destroys everything the Switch accomplished. They need to keep their markets combined with the Switch, not seperate them again. If I had to choose, I would...
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    Introducing PlayStation Classic, with 20 Pre-Loaded Games

    Although I would prefer PS1 games (along with PS2 and PS3) to grace the PS4, I will probably still get this. It's the nostalgia thing. I might not spend much time on it, but it will look great in my living room. Plus, my favorite game of all time is a PS1 game which adds to the nostalgia. I...
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    Read Dead Redemption looks AND PLAYS best on Xbox One X

    That's not surprising. The Xbox One X outdoes the Pro in many ways, at least in terms of hardware. With that being said, I expect this game to release on next-gen hardware much like GTA V did after releasing late last-gen. I still need to get this game, by the way. I just finally finished...