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    Gabe Newell: I prefer Xbox Series X over PS5

    In almost any generation before, Sony's never had the more powerful box. If power was the only thing that mattered, Xbox One X would have made a difference this generation. Microsoft is focusing more on content this time by purchasing studios to compete with Sony & Nintendo in that area...
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    Gamerscore randomly reset

    ....with Sony? 🧐 Gamerscore isn't PlayStation.
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    Who bought Resident Evil 3?

    I actually really liked Resident Evil 3, a little bit more than Resident Evil 2. I just wish they had kept most of the locations from the original which apparently they chose not to; we go through the uptown area quickly basically via the intro and some cutscenes. Does anyone else find it kinda...
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    WARNING! MAJOR TLOU2 Spoilers has surfaced over in Internet

    I was just highlighting that he's getting the dislikes due to what people found out about the game's direction and thinking he's pushing an agenda. Is he or is he not? I can't say and it is his game after all. Anyway, I am sure we will learn more as time goes far it seems to be by...
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    WARNING! MAJOR TLOU2 Spoilers has surfaced over in Internet

    The main reason some people have grown a dislike for Neil Druckman has to do with the 'SJW' factor and being accused of being 'woke' — people who have seen the leaks are saying he's trying to push an agenda. There is an entire thread on neogaf around this. Apparently, according to what I have...
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    WARNING! MAJOR TLOU2 Spoilers has surfaced over in Internet

    Sony's identified the person or persons responsible for the leak and it doesn't seem to be an employee of ND. Source
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    Dual Sense - PS5 Controller revealed

    I haven't had a problem with either layout. I can easily adapt to either. I personally don't understand why some make a big fuss over it. I prefer the PS controllers mostly due to how the buttons feel when pressing compared to Xbox One but even this is so minor that it doesn't really bother me...
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    Dual Sense - PS5 Controller revealed

    Here is how it could look in black/gray color.
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    Dual Sense - PS5 Controller revealed

    It looks oddly interesting. I think they should have gone with like a darker gray color vs the black and it'd look cooler.
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    [DEBUNKED] God of War also on PC? This is why

    Sony needs to launch their own ecosystem on the PC. I know it's a pretty competitive landscape and will PC gamers welcome another platform? If they don't end up launching their own, then I hope they partner up with GOG vs Steam/EPIC.
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    Sony to reveal new PlayStation 5 details TODAY (18th March)

    I’ve invested in all platforms at this point (even PC). I don’t know how much I’ll invest going forward since I haven’t been able to play. 😔 My main game has been Hearthstone. 😄
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    Sony to reveal new PlayStation 5 details TODAY (18th March)

    Xbox is going to be the more powerful console next gen. PS5 will be variable but less than XSX. Then, if Sony announces the Pro, it might edge out XSX and MS will announce something that might be better. Regardless of what ends up happening, I haven’t seen people’s attitudes here change about...
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    PS4 Titles on PS5! (Cross-Gen)

    I don't see why they wouldn't. When this generation started, many games PSN games that I purchased on the PS3 were available to me at no extra cost (I didn't have to buy them again.) They didn't follow the same with their Remastered games I know, probably because it required more development...
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    New Xbox revealed at Game Awards

    Series X is shaped more like a PC tower (side profile is like a tall building while the top area is a square) while all previous consoles have been more or less shaped like a brick (rectangle). Series X is a little different than what we've had and you can say the original PS3 was also a little...
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    [LEAKED ]PS5 9Tflops vs. Xbox Series X 12 Tflops

    Don't you already have that with your Xbox One X? 😆