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    Where is the marketing for the Vita?

    I haven't seen one commercial honestly. Hell I wouldn't have known it existed if I wasn't for this site lol. Banned from my iTouch using Tapatalk
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    Worst way to die an why?

    I'm sure a topic like this has been made but I couldn't find one. Anyway what do you guys feel is the worst way to go? I know were going to see a lot of burning an drowning answers but honestly although painful I just can't say their my most feared. My reasoning is because you have a chance to...
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    Will vita have different colors at launch?

    Who else but silver!!!! :snicker *cheesy theme music*
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    Unique theories you have?

    Any of you guys have an unique/ non mainstream/ conspiracy thoughts or views on anything? Some of mine: I feel the cure for cancer has been found but is kept extremely secret an to get it you need to be 1. Extremely rich an 2. Come from a powerful family I don't think it's possible to be truly...
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    PlayStation VITA -- Are you getting it?

    I'm leaning twords no. My reasoning is I want a portable that is portable, I want to be able slip it in my pocket and go on throughout my day. The gameboy advance sp had the best design IMO. It seems to have alot of games that are based of ps3 titles ( read uncharted) for some playing a portable...
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    PlayStation Vita firmware screens

    Looking really good so far
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    Second breach?

    Just heard their was a second break an 25 million additional peoples info could have been stolen. Was just on news look for sause guys Here's a link I guess this has to do with SOE accounts?? An may have happened in the past?? The report was...
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    looking for a sig :)

    hey guys im looking for a sig i want it to be simplistic an play to her beauty text Aaliyah
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    best exhaust video

    this is a thread to best the best exhaust videos you can find :gta: YouTube - Lamborghini Countach LP500S YouTube - '05 Mustang GT Bassani X-pipe sound
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    does anyone else like drifting?? i really like it, just the extreme persition(sp) needed to control a car like that blows my mind. YouTube - DRIFT SILVERSTONE 2008 HD best video
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    need u guys' opinion!

    should i give up my sculpture dream??? lolol:snicker:D :pale
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    unknow lifeform found in sewer!

    YouTube - Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer! ewwwww im scared
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    beautiful woman sig request! (2500 sp)

    wazup guys im looking for a sig with the ever beautiful alicia keys on it :cool: 2500 sp and rep will be rewarded thanks to sharky :snicker here are some pics thanks to all that try ;)
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    Akward moments

    alright so this thread is to share all of your funny or embaressing awkward moments, annnddd your favorite was to avoid an divert them. GO!!
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    Got my first car!!!!

    well came home forom school on the bus an BAM red 1993 ford probe gt staring at me!!!!im stoked!!!!