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    5000 Sp + Rep to the victor!

    Yep, I'm afraid I'm changing sets due to numerous complaints. Apparently the advanced lightning effects in the current sig are crashing computers and destroying computers with low-end graphics cards. Anyhoo, I haz awesome pictures for you to use. Use any one of them to make something awesome...
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    RickRoll inside...

    YouTube - Elderly Woman Gets Hit By Car
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    Trying To Compile A List Of PS3 compatible sites

    Well, the title says it all really, I'm trying to make a list with PS3 compatible sites, so more PS3 owners can get the most out of the PS3 browser. If you know of any sites that work well with the PS3, please post here, or send me a PM. If the list gets big enough, I may start a blog...
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    PS3 or PS2?

    Originally created by heartcollector: This thread is brought to you by Sam_From_Space, making threads for those who can't.
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    Free stuff and cheap stuff.

    I searched and couldn't find a thread for "general" use, so I created one. There's a thread for money off vouchers and deals for PS3 games in that section, but I thought we needed one for other stuff, so here we are! Legal stuff only Fellas and Ladies...
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    Sig Battle: Sn00pSta00 Vs. Sam_From_Space

    Theme: Reality TV Prize: 200sp each, or together? Close date: 3 Days Sam_From_Space: Sn00pSta00:
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    I think something's wrong with my pc.

    Yesterday, I was browsing over on Vreel (I'm a beta tester) and before you can watch any of the videos, say for instance "Family guy's funniest moments" You have to download and install Zango. Being the naive fellow that I am, I did this. Later than night, whilst browsing again, my computer...
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    Disclaimer: Not for the weak of heart. Also, not for Juan Pirez, or 31 Queens Road, Birmingham, but i'll explain later. Quick explanation, creepypasta are short scary stories copied and pasted around different forums. Don't understand? Scare yourself I figure we needed a thread for it, so...
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    1000 Things I Learned the Hard Way

    Yep, my latest thread! I'm trying to get a run of good threads going, and I've had a few good 'uns in a row. So.. Things you learned the hard way, it doesn't have to be serious, just jokes if ya want. 1. Never look to the sides at the urinal 2. When they say flammable...They mean flammable
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    New Set please!

    Listen up! Condensed story: No photoshop, only GIMP On PS3, can't be bothered to relearn GIMP, need new sig, can't be bothered to go back to an old one. Mmmmkay? Hmm.. What type? Ah, whatever, Dragon Quest VIII, Harold and Kumar, Ace Ventura, San Andreas, England, F1, Naked Gun 1-3...
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    How to confuse an idiot

    Holy cow, this is good. Always works too.
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    Q&A With Action Pants

    Pschyonauts Sequel? I damn hope so, but it's good to know they are still creating IPs. Source
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    SCEE Explains 2.40 Errors

    Well, admitting error is always good, but let's hope it's a one off, eh? ;) Source
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    Sony messed up. So?

    Precisely, they aren't the first, and if they're the last, i'd be gosh darn surprised! As long as it doesn't become a regular occurrence, it'll be forgotten by most people, only the poor few whos PS3 got hit by it will even remember. The Source
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    Kung Fu Panda Review: Eargerly anticipated ;)

    Honesty I'm surprised, not a bad game by the sounds of it, anyone who played "Cars" Should be glad there's another good kiddy game ready to be snapped up. Just remember to tell the shop assistant, it's for your nephew ;) Saucers