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    I can't seem to go to sites like google and yahoo. Whenever I try to go there the page won't load. If I go to google news or gmail it work however. DOes anyone know why that is?
  2. SE fanboy Old School Haha I can't believe how good it used to look.
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    Icon of your choice for a Lakers Avatar and Signature!!!

    I don't have skill points so I am willing to give away any one of my icons for the best avatar and signature. May the best man win!!! Try putting Kobe and Bynum in the signature but you can make the signature however you like.You can add more players to it if you want
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    Points for general section

    I understand that the forum does not give points for posting in the general sections because they do not want posters to post up stupid random threads but it is unfair for users like me(99% of my posts now are in the sports section) who post mostly in the general section. My proposal is that...
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    Copying BD movies to PSP may be in PSP's future

    I hope they do not charge extra to put it on the PSP
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    Starcraft replays

    Can someone hook me up with Fastest map possible replays for protoss. I haven't played the game in like 10 years and I suck bad. My friends want to play me but I need some good replays to pick up some tricks.
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    Fantasy Basketball

    I have set up the fantasy league. It's free and all you need is a yahoo email address. The Draft starts at 5:30 PM Los Angeles time. IF you are unable to meet at this time, the system will autopick based on the rankings from last year. Give me your emails so I can send you an invite or you...
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    Sony Preps For Cheaper PS3 Production

    Well this is the first step to price reduction and I hope it happens this summer...
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    360 with HDMI video Enjoy ....The video looks real to me.
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    KH2:FM Interview

    I am not sure if I will buy Final Mix but it all sounds very nice. I should have waited for FM instead of buying the original.
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    P2P TV Personally i think this is pretty cool.
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    Eminem Presents: The re-up

    Did anyone get the album?
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    Worst PS3 auction (Warning--"Explicit" imagery)

    Sony Playstation 3 auction Well all I can say is *BARF*
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    LOL at KEvin Federline!!!!!!! OMG that was freaking hilarious last night. I laughed once more today when I saw this on youtube.
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    A couple of questions

    Does 360 upscale DVD's? Can the core accept wireless controlers? Do people still play PGR3?