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    Who has an original 60GB PS3?

    I'm asking this question because I want to know what the UPC/Barcode number is for the Ps3 Controller. I have two SIXAXIS controllers and I don't remember which one came with the system. I know it may sound weird and stupid but I'm planning to sell my extra SIXAXIS controller and not the one...
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    "Asus' quad DVI-packing EAH3870 X2 1GB"

    Quad-DVI setup from the fine folks at Asus. Seems pretty cool. Possibility to hook up 8 monitors with just a crossfire setup. Your thoughts guys? More pictures and specs at Hot Hardware Quote and article from...
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    Sony's Behemoth DSLR

    Sony's at it again. A few days ago, I posted an article about Sony's new 24.81 mega-pixel full frame CMOS Sensor that was gonna be released this year(Article: Well Sony today announced its monstrous 25MP "flagship" DSLR camera that uses the same or...
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    Sony hungry for megapixels.....

    Very nice, 24.81 megapixel is very near the 35mm film grade. :D Source: Engadget and Sony
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    "Sony’s F23 High-definition Camera Cuts Its Teeth In The Making Of “Cloverfield” "

    A simple read on the camera portion of making "Cloverfield", very interesting techniques that somewhat interested me. :) Credits: Sony
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    Hitachi up's the bar again with two large capacity "laptop" Hard drives

    More means better? Well Hitachi thinks it is! :D
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    Gt5 Screenshots!

    Here's a few press screen shots I found. Enjoy :) Credits to Sony
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    Pictures and Specs of SLIM PSP

    Well here's some new press pictures of the new Slim PSP. I did a comparison between the old and new PSP. there's actually quite a different. DAXTER PACK will be available in North America on September 10th and the Star Wars Pack will be available in North America on October 9th. Both will...
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    NVIDIA's GoForce® 5500 Video card for Cellphones/handhelds

    Looks like NVIDIA is trying to take a step further and beat ATI to the Handheld electronics field in video graphics. Here's some news from NVIDIA's own site. It's quite impressive, I hope I get my hands on a Cellphone that comes equipped with these babies...