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    So the free version of Red Alert is out, how do I run it?

    So for those who don't know, you can legally download red alert for free to celebrate Red Alert 3. So I downloaded it. I unzipped the RAR file using 7ZIP. i Copied the ISO to a CD. However it won't run. Help please?
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    No Heroes clan meet up tonight - all welcome

    For those who don't know, No Heroes is the official PS3forums Metal Gear Online clan and will be running all Summer and beyond. If you would like to join the clan, sign up to the forums here and await acceptance. Anyways, tonight a server will be hosted by either Agriel or myself. It will be...
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    Could someone make a clan userbar?

    Hello people of the internet. I am requesting a userbar to be made for out MGO clan No Heroes. I would like to have userbars so we can spread the word and fill up spaces. The the theme of Metal Gear Online and the name No Heroes should make up the banner. I'll give you all my points (although I...
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    How do you change your title?

    So I bought a title for 15k and it took be blooming ages to save up all the points. So now I want to change it, but the Plaza thing has disappeared. How do I change it now?
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    PS3forums Metal Gear Online Clan

    Welcome Welcome to the PS3forums Metal Gear Online thread. Agriel and I will be running the clan when the game goes live on June 12th. So far we have no name. We might go with FOXHOUND, but seeing as that will be a popular name it may be taken before we can get there. So the name is pending as...
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    Has the forum been hacked again?

    Whenever I click on the MGS4 sub-forum I get this:
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    In Game XMB is coming in FW 2.4

    A mod at GAF is an "insider" shall we say, and he just posted this: Then another industry insider said this: Plus rumors say it's coming before MGS4. Awesome awesome awesome!
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    HAZE online (basically why it's worth buying for some)

    So yeah. The single player is average. It has mediocre GFX, pretty bad AI but the gameplay is solid and it carries over well onto the online portion of the game. As well as having the usual TDM and DM it has Team Assault. This is where the fun really is. It's basically objective gameplay. I'll...
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    First look at GH4 drum set

    It's ugly as hell and I predict a massive flop in sales.
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    I'm going for a few weeks...

    So yeah, I'm leaving this place until stuff gets sorted. These are my main reasons: I have GCSE's in a few weeks so I need to cut down on wasting time The "issues" the forum is getting have been ongoing for months. It started off with occasional Database Error, but now the site is down just...
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    BBC iPlayer for PS3 Make sure you go on it using your PS3 web browser. Also, it won't work unless you live in the UK. It is just the iPlayer. There are a few bugs, and it takes a while to load but the guys say that they made it in 1 day: Quote: I doubt the...
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    MGO BETA for EU Confirmed!! +what's coming in the store update!

    Thanks to blimblim from neoGAF Awesome update! It was worth waiting for! PS. Beat you Nuvian! ;) :DD
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    Requesting FF Versus sig

    Title says it really. I don't know which pics are good, so I'll leave it up to you guys. I will pay around 1000 points for it. Basic guidelines: NO TEXT apart from the logo (only use if it fits well) Quite a dark fell Must contain the main protagonist Have fun!
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    SOCOM dated for 16th of September

    My post A little later than expected.
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    HAZE is officially PS3 exclusive!

    Sauce Sweet! Plus it appreantly looks much better after its delay.