• Because I had really, and didn't intend on replying to any threads; I just had to log on to reply to some PM's I had since you can't do that from email. Then I saw the way that member was treated for the supposedly erotic messages; which qualifies for the Moderation of Shame thread. Especially when you have a couple dozen *** rape replies all over the forum. Meh... same ****, different day.
    Sorry that I had to respond here. I am still a couple of post short of being able to send a private response. :-)
    Thank you very much for the advice. I will try to keep that in mind and stay one step ahead of him. I get into these kinds of things for sport though so, I am not too worried about him or anyone else. I know the power of words and, I am a writer/Eng. Lit. major. He could learn very quickly that I will make him look foolish more times than not while avoiding the rule breaking. Reading those rules was the first thing I did when I registered a few hours ago. You are the 6th message of support that I have received so far. Hence, I just might be doing something right. :-) I am not here to make trouble but, I can handle myself confidently enough.

    Thanks again,

    No problem. You have contributed your fair share of funny posts to the forum. Always find myself laughing out loud at them. :)
    Not bovvered about 'the best version' cos all my mates have ps3's so most games would be ps3. might try borrowing one for a week, see if i like it
    TBH, when it comes to multiplats it gives you the option of getting the "best" one. Like when there is a clear difference. Other than that yeah not many exclusives I'm fussed about either. The online is just miles ahead.

    IMHO, not realllly worth the money for those reasons, save it or buy a few good titles for PS3 ;)
    Pretty good tbh, I got the console only for £149.99 so that seems a good deal if you wanted that game.
    You can't change your username. (well, not normally)

    Unless you mean change by using a different account, to which I must say that my first account was NEREVAR117. Why do you ask?
    who said there my mates ;)

    im just the voice of reason.

    ok im just not as stupid as a lot of people here.

    ok i am, but

    o **** you :snicker
    is topgun sad because he jumped on the o its anon train again, not realising thread was 15 months old ? :snicker ;)

    Was luck sir. I just HAPPENED to check the forum and the thread was open. I didn't expect to get it until I noticed there were only two subs, and both were Eurofags :snicker
    It's ridiculous. I got a spank for linking to the forum rules! Talk about petty, although to be fair Galv explained why. Still, unless I can change my name to Blue/Green/Red I hardly see how it's impersonating a mod :snicker Sign of the times, to the dogs this place has gone.
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