• Sorry, I just got your message :]

    I have been going to Western Michigan University. Got an apartment there with my friends. Going for a degree in clinical psychology now. Been really busy, so much less gaming lately sadly.
    wow i have lied to everyone single one of you about everything. but its not that big of deal since i also have spent the last 7 years lieing to my wife the one person who loves me no matter what but that will chgange if i keep this up i will be alone and my wifes heart will bve broken into little pieces. I dont travel i work in a factory and everything i have ever saidf is a lie.
    I have lied to all of you I am a male and i can no longer talk to any of you anymore or my wonderful wife will leave my sorry ass. I am sorry if i have hurt any of you with my lies. But i must start telling the truth to everyone or i will die alone
    I am a 28 year oild male who is married to the most beautiful women named Melissa.
    I am a compulsive liar. My dad did not die and i did not have a breakdown. I am a man I have lied to all of you. I have even lied to my wonderful wife and because of this she does not trust me at all and she wonders if she ever will or if things will ever go back to the way they were. And yes I am the same person who everyone thinks iam even tho that person wasd made up.
    naw, it doesnt seem like anyones interested, the only two options are battling it out lol. I guess thats what comes from being a Sunday :\
    Hey welcome back if you're the same person who I think it is. :)
    I appreciate that thanks. Don't worry about it, I guess I love this place so much that I get very upset when I percive the staff taking the site in the wrong direction. I just want this site to bloom out to new hights and I'm just trying to help.
    not being able to see it doesn't stop me from affording to let others see it lol,,.... and I did look at a couple of convos yes >.> :suspect:
    Haha, of course I remember you Sharky !! You were part of our little group !!

    I've started a new university course in England now..just finished my first year, so I've actually made the move over there for most of the year. I'm back home for the summer atm though and I'm already bored out of my mind. :lol:

    So how are you? Keeping well I hope? Unfortunately the forums don't have the groups anymore. :(
    ha ha dont worry yourself. we are still friends and it wasnt like we broke up badly. just not the right time for either of us to be in a relationship.
    and you didnt think people would remember you??? you're a (beautiful) girl on a forum full of guys which are most commonly of the geekier variety :snicker of course you'll be remembered fondly, AND you were staff so nobody'll forget you anytime soon
    yeah cheers she is wonderful, though we arent together anymore. maybe down the track we will get back together but for now its not happening.
    its all good, we all have moments in life that require more attention than other stuff. i hope your doing ok. been away from here for a little while myself, found myself a wonderful girl to spend time with instead of coming here lol.
    Hey, I resisted every urge in my body to not post some smart-a** reply. :P

    I'm fine. Honestly, things are exactly how they were when you left me. Not bad but not great. :lol: Still have depression and stuff, but living with it.

    whats it been a year and a half at least. you never write or call and then show up expecting us to just welcome you back with open arms....

    :) welcome back.
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