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    New sig & Avvy

    Something nice please, that's all, I think my current one is pretty outdated. All my SP and rep will be awarded. I WANT ONE DIRECTION AND I WANT THEM NOW. Thanks (:
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    RIP Fiat :(

    Wrote off this morning, overtook on dual carriage way and ended up spinning off into incoming traffic lane and backwards into a concrete & steel fence and a tree :( No money for a new car, can't claim on insurance since I'm 18 and won't be able to afford it. I'm ****ed :\
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    Started Apprenticeship *Pics*

    Last Wednesday I started my apprenticeship with Volkswagen, and I've been placed with a company called Motorvation close to where I live (: Just gonna chuck some pics up as they come to the cars I'm working on & gonna be working on hopefully as I train up as a Paint & Body Technician. :D
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    The Milk....

    Contains strong language, don't watch if easily offended (: Eastenders Ross Kemp on Gangs Sex and the City Dragons Den Think my favourite is Ross Kemp on Gangs :lol:
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    Handbrake problemoo!

    I have a problemo, it appears that my handbrake has been gradually declining in operation to a point that it's is pretty much useless in all aspects of holding a car in one place. Over time, it's become slacker and slacker, and now, when I'm on a hill, it doesn't hold even after 5 or so...
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    What spirit are you drinking?

    As below, but change Beer for Spirits, Liqueurs or similar, as I'm much fonder of them :lol: My favourite is probably either plain old Sambuca or Zamaretto Sambuca straight in shots or mixed with coke, baileys etc and Zamaretto straight again or mixed with Lemonade.
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    Camp/Gay/Homo/Shaunyac or/and Pineapple Dance Studios Sig and Avvy ;D 7K reward!

    You know me by now, I want something so camp even Louis Spence would call me Gay, don't ask why, me and Steff have personal reasons... This is Louis Spence... The signature doesn't have to use Louise Spence in it, just camp stuff, although if people do feel like having a bash at another...
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    Google Streetview now covers 96% of Britain!

    In a massive update from Google, the street view function on their maps now covers an enormous amount of Britain, also included in the update are parts of Hong Kong and Macau. Google have recorded images of a further 210,000 miles of roads, bringing the total to approximately 246,985 miles...
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    Who does this remind me of...

    I was out in town the other night and a photo of this random guy in the orange was taken, he looks really familiar and it's just bugging me who he looks like. Any ideas? :D
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    Twitter - Any Tweeters here?!?!

    I'm already following the likes of legends such as Carocat, DC89, Squirrel (Ollie) and FallingBullets! Anyone else here use Twitter? Follow me if you like, if anyone else from the forums use it post your profile here (: I know there have been threads about...
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    Can we has fluid width already?

    I acknowledge the fact that space is reserved for any advertising but I think subs should have the option since they are exempt from ads anyway, I would re-sub when mine runs out from Squirrels generosity if this feature was added :)
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    Been paid by my work, don't work there anymore

    I just check my bank balance and I've been paid £404 by Sainsbury's, considering I haven't worked there for a month that's pretty weird. I was owed unpaid overtime and tax but it was more like £200-300 not £400, so does anyone know what I should do? Shall I wait a while and if they don't say...
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    ASDA Number plate recognition

    Earlier I was in ASDA just before mid-day, stayed there until just before 3. They have a 3 hours parking limit with number plate recognition on the entrance and exit, will a fine be sent to my home address? Is it compulsory to pay the fine? Alot of people say it's just an invoice? Any help...
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    Pro Duo MicroSD Adaptor

    I bought the little white adaptor thingy that allows you to use 2 MicroSD Cards inside your PSP, I have put an 8GB in the 1st slot, if I wanted to add another would I have to format the 8GB one again and do they show up as 2 cards or just 1 large volume?
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    Sharing PS1 games and Minis?

    Is it possible to share PS1 Games and Minis on the PSP? I have previously bough PS1 games off the PSN Store on my PS3 to play. I bought a PSP the other week and have also downloaded them to that. I was wondering if it's possible for my friend to download these games too off of my PSN account...