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    Which PS Vita Games Do You Own?

    My PS VITA game are : Metal Gear Solid HD collection Fifa football Reality Fighters Sound Shapes Wipeout 2048 Need For Speed Most Wanted
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    Sony reveal around 60% of PS4 owners are also in possesion of a Vita!

    ya maybe so but i worry about things breaking and plus if i wait i can save up more money to buy the camera for it and lots of games, maybe a 2nd controller and the PS+ and the PSN store money.
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    Sony reveal around 60% of PS4 owners are also in possesion of a Vita!

    Well i have a PS VITA but not the PS4, but i will get one when the new PS4 comes out i cant risk getting one when so many are having problems.
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    Vita: Sony exec hints at plans to turn console around

    As other people above said all the VITA need is sum top dog games theres only a hand full of good games we need to new games and more awesome software to have. But wait till the PS4 is out then the VITA will shine brighter then ever cuz i hear you can play PS4 games by WI fi remote on the VITA...
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    Sony expects worsening handheld business

    The VITA is awesome but the lack of awesome games are holding it back all the VITA need to be on top is some bad ass games.
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    PSvita issues!

    My only problem i had with my vita is that it frozen two times when i used the 3G internet but its ok now no problems. and if anyone has the same problem heres a helpful tip hold down the power button till the screen goes black should take about 10-20 seconds and a list come up and press...
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    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance keeps bugging & glitching

    Im playing Metal Gear Rising and im at a point of the game when my objective Find the dwarf gekko then you pick it up and connect to it and it walks off in to a different room by going in a vent but then a bug or glitch happens then raiden dies. Has this happend to any of you or any type of...
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    Getting a PS Vita tomorrow!

    Nice one wolf glad to hear it. And if you need help getting to know your vita just ask us the vita has it secrets. Respect
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    Deleteing apps from the vita

    ya for people that dont no, press down on the background on the home pages for about 3 seconds
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    New PS Vita User!

    yo Hakka you like accessories you got to get the grip holder for it its so easyer to hold the vita to play fast games like COD it feels like your holding a ps3 controller, anyway welcome to the world of SONY consoles.
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    What memory card do you have?

    me have 4GB me will soooooon need a other memory card
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    Anybody has the 3G/GPS Vita?

    Maybe the free memory card and game is only free in sum countrys or a place where i bought it from, it must have been free cuz i didnt pay extra or maybe the shop worker didnt add the memory card and game to my bill. But i looked in argos shop and they do the same 3G = free memory card, game...
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    What was your first ever game console

    My first ever game console was the first GameBoy i think i was about 6 years old i loved it and i still got it hehe so what yours
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    Persona 4 Golden is the highest-rated Vita game

    When it comes out i'll have a proper look at it, i dont no any past background of this game, maybe i will rent it first
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    Anybody has the 3G/GPS Vita?

    O shit ya youtube i forgot that