Shin Asura
  • Hey Shin saw your message just now. Took a break for a bit. Well I had a nice holiday, so glad the semester is over, going nuts over all the sales on Steam and finally able to relax a bit with no school for a while. There are a number of games I haven't played that I'd like to get through over my break. I'm not sure what I'll play.

    How have you been my friend? What's new?
    Whatevers cool with you dude. :) I just like my music uplifting and calm lol. The vocaloid songs. She kept on bugging me to listening to them and I found them pretty decent especially the remixes.
    I'm thinking around summer we'll see them here. In fact alot of great games getting released that year. No doubt they will do well so that Xillia 2 can come sooner as well.
    NP! I listen to that to mostly trance remixes though. A friend of mind was trying to get me into vocaloid. I did somewhat like it but I really enjoyed the remixes.. I gotta play Graces too! Lol I'll get that first. Xillia 2 is another must get for me.
    K I will! I haven't played a MGS since 4 too. should be fun. :) Ah nice...Lol get that music. I don't think I can live a day without it. What do you usually listen too? I wanna get that game man. Been meaning to get some more jrpgs
    Hey Asura! Not much. I just downloaded some games the DmC HD Collection, MGS Peace Walker just waiting for them to download. But I've been quite alright man How are you?
    Hey man I just bought a ps3 today!
    Bought black ops 2 Going to make a miku emblem! Lol
    Oh sweeet nice sounds awesome I'll check it out!
    Actually no I won a tag tournament with Blacksite!
    I'll give the animes you reccomended a go! Thanks
    Yeah dude I saw ps3 bundle for 199.99!? That's pretty insane! I'm going to get that. :) Oh nice a 360 and cheap games nice! My friend kept bugging me to watch onii-chan daketo I though it was pretty hilarious. I haven't watched anime in a long time too. what's Chunnibyou demo koiga shitai about? I've seen SAO too thats pretty awesome!. Oh I see what you mean I think I'm getting a bit better btw lol.
    I might just do that beats buying all that separately. Cool I'll give it a watch. I'm down on watching something anything different. These past couple of seasons of anime were pretty weak..Well IMO. Yeah but this bundles seems worth it A game a month of plus and $30 to go buy stuff in Dust 514, although I wish psn store credit. Thanks. Do you still do it now? That's cool that sage naruto sig is sick!
    Heard many great things from that game I'll pick it up later on. Lol it's understandable If I get so deep in a game I tend to forget about some things :lol: Accel World? Any good? Well in one point I want them not right now lol I see. Haha who knows that person is an idiot. I plan on getting another ps3 got my eye on the uncharted super slim bundle! Thanks! I actually dunno I searched "anime girl with headphones render" and messed around with it in gimp to make a sig and avy. I thought it was a vocaloid at first haha.
    It's ok! Oh I'm sorry to hear Asura hope your doing ok man! Well sometimes she gets mad when I call her that haha..Looking forward to having a lil girl..Well when the time Huh only GoodSmile? I'm good not much bought a couple things off the psn store. FFVII and the Spy & Maid DLC for Gravity Rush. Oh remember when you were telling me about the cloud game saves they upped it to 1GB in the latest update. You probably already know though :lol:
    Lol yeah that's a coincidence. She doesn't mind she responds to it she's only 3 haha. They don't? That stinks. I thought the Yumekui Merry and K-On ones were pretty cool. Well hope you find one you like Asura. :)
    Ha! That's good to know. Lily huh? That's my nieces name!! But i call her Yuri lol
    Oh so you got it from there huh? Cool :)
    Oh i see at that price they better be awesome!! lol they do look cool i took some time looking at that site. :)
    Lol sorry I was tricked so many times from my friends and manga. I was on the offense. It looks like a cool figure. What's her name?
    Lol me too i was just reading manga..Wow whos that? Wait it's not a trap right? Lol
    Lol you added the wrong one my bad. I sent you a request. I made that one quickly. And nope I don't know. I didn't think you were a spy :lol:
    I just asked a mod to remove the z's. I originally wanted Kuro as a username.Lol I see you have a lot on the plate how long you figure it'll take you to beat all of that? Well if you want all those SF into one I'd go for it. But if it was me I don't know if I'd play all of them. Yeah hopefully soon miss playing my ps3 haha. Your right they should allow some more space.
    Lmao right who knows? No, not really It'll be good though I'll just wait and see for a bit. Yeah I do have FB but I barely go on anymore. You still want to add me?
    Ugh..yeah all that stuff you worked on gone definitely sucks. :( Oh really that sounds cool I actually like those type of games might have to get that! I kinda like vocaloid :)
    Well the least I could do is add you for now. I'd definitely would like to play with you. What's your PSN Asura? Mine is xThAkIdJxYx
    Lol ok. No sadly I didn't. It's ok though I got over it. I was thinking of starting it fresh anyways. Oh sweet that's cool. I've never really played a Hatsune Miku game you know whats it like? Yea I'm usually the same only when I'm deep into a j/rpg or other games haha. But yeah I like playing co-op/online with friends when I get a chance to as well!
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