Shin Asura
  • Haha thanks for accepting! So you don't play it much huh? I've been mainly playing my vita. Gotta get another ps3 since it died:/..Hopefully soon. So I've been mainly on my vita. And cool sounds fun have fun playing that with your friend. :)
    I'm playing a new game+ for Persona 3 Portable playing as the FemC this time. Hbu?
    I'm getting back into it a little bit. For a good year I didn't play. Just had a pyro class update which has me excited. What cha been up to?
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    "I ask you, Mr Prime Minister, with all my strength, to finally take account of the situation... and resign.

    "We all know that Italy is running the real risk in the days ahead of not having access to financial markets."
    Handing his resignation to President Giorgio Napolitano
    Holding on to power, potentially prompting the opposition to call a vote of no confidence, to be held on Monday at the earliest
    Mr Berlusconi has always maintained that he has enough support to continue to govern.
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    While Italy's deficit is relatively low, investors are concerned that the combination of Italy's low growth rate and 1.9tn euro (£1.63tn; $2.6tn) debt could make it the next country to fall in the eurozone debt crisis.
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    "In business, sometimes you lose and sometimes you earn. It is nothing new for me. I want to invest in my own country."
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    "My money is now safe in a bank. I have insurance and I work in a stable market. In Afghanistan, I always ran the risk of losing all the money," Mr Mohammad said.
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    "Within an hour of a big attack, we witness a major fluctuation in the currency market."

    Most Afghan traders are withdrawing their money from Kabul and investing it in Dubai, Ukraine and Central Asian countries.
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    "If this is the state of the [property] market here, you can imagine what will be happening in other, not so privileged areas," Mr Ahamadzai added.

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    The authorities have come under criticism for what is perceived as a slow response to the flooding, and for giving conflicting advice about evacuations.The waters are now receding in the north of the country but Department of Prevention and Mitigation said on Sunday that 506 people were now known to have died since July.Ex Boyfriend Backfulvic ionic minerals
    Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said the money would be used to rebuild homes and businesses and restore the economy, which has been badly phonedata cleansing tool
    Despite this, support for Mr Ortega appears to be high across the country. The last opinion poll before the election suggests he will win nearly 48% of the vote - easily securing the 40% needed to avoid a run-off.sell websiteBubble Shooter
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    Hey I have no idea if you check this anymore but I wanted to say hello if you ever see this at all! You suggested Eureka 7 to me to watch I still haven't done it! Sad to say but I might be watching that this summer. :/ with classes starting again and games I want to play but I'll get to it! Saw the first episode and liked it so I haven't forgotten about it. Wanted to see how you were. :)
    No.. hear nothing but great things about starcraft games but I've never played one so I can't tell if this is a game I'll enjoy or not.
    Just watched the first episode now. I think it looks promising :D There looks to be quite a few episodes so I'll have a fix for a while. I do like what I see.
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