Shin Asura
  • Not watching any anime right now. I am going to watch that Eureka 7 like you suggested soon. I have the next 2 days off so I'll start watching I expect.
    A scramble will do just as it says lol. It moves people around to the opposing team if people think teams are uneven or one side keeps getting steamrolled.

    Not sure if Alien Swarm is an old game revised but it is fun. :D
    Well instead of listing the benefits I can give you a handy link, don't worry its short you're not reading a book lol.

    RE5 I don't think I'll play through, again it's hit and miss like Dead Space, most likely won't play through either. I don't remember if there was anything I wanted to ask you or talk about atm. :P Good to see you're still around though. OH! I downloaded Valves new free game Alien Swarm, haven't played yet gotta find some people and the time to play it. It's a top down shoot'em up, looks great. :'D
    Sorry, just haven't been on the forums lately. Just taking advantage of my break before the DS goes back into full swing at the beginning of August. I will get some pictures updated in my tattoo thread. My Alucard tattoo is fully colored now and I am going back Friday to probably get the outline done on Sage Naruto or Hollow Ichigo. :)
    Used to be in a clan. Had to make mandatory practices every thursday but I wasn't able to make that anymore so I dropped it. I still play all the time on the clan servers and I actually starting donating to them, get some nice in game benefits too. :D Yes I work with some nice people at work so it makes that all the more better!

    Ruse is actually a strategy game. I may not come up with the most clever or elaborate of plans but I still like to play those kinds of games. Might get Ruse or maybe Civ 5 when it comes out.

    Well lets see. I have Mass Effect(first one, from what I've seen I WILL be picking up the second one haha) Dead Space, that one is kinda meh take or leave it for me. The Godfather 2, Resident Evil 5, Farcry 2. There's so many games for PS3, 360 and PC I want to play but I just have to take it one at a time!
    Oh I still play TF2 pretty much every day! If you have steam add podsaurus. We can play together some time. Not so much with the job but I really do like my job. Those stats are just on the bunch of servers with the same host I play on all the time. Global stats I'm around the 10,000 spot rank.

    Good to hear you are doing well. I'm more into PC right now then anything else. Played the RUSE demo and I like that. Star Wars the old republic looks awesome too. Got a bunch of xbox games I borrowed from a friend so I've got to play those too.
    hey I think it was you I talked to a while back. I finished the Gurren Lagann series. Though that was really good. Whats new?
    life... yeah I'm not really the type to talk about myself lol. You'll get used to it everyone else on here has, hell ppl in rl have gotten used to it. Oh I am planning a trip to Canada it'll be my first time visiting another country.
    There are a lot of different styles with her. I honeslty have no idea who she is and took a very long time for me to find out she's from vocaloid (whatever that is). I discovered a render of her on some gfx site and she seemed to be rather popular. I saved any renders that I liked though I have to say my favorite one is the one I used for that SOTW (Sing with passion) of her looking so passionate and what not... I'm a sucker for that type of render.

    Wanna gift?

    Yeah, I can understand you, dude. It's getting quite boring here. It's not the same fun I had when I first joined here, or for that matter, the site doesn't even garner as much attention like last year.

    About Final, I've kept asking the staff and Comatosed replied back that the issue is being checked and that it will be rectified in the near future. I don't know, man. Just sounds so stupid. First priority for staff should have been restoring all accounts.

    I can't wait for E3. I want to see if Versus makes an appearance finally, but I'm not keeping my hopes up much.

    FMA: Brotherhood, is ending in a few weeks, dude. For that matter the whole Fullmetal Alchemist series is ending in a couple of days from now. Really sad to see such a great show/manga end.
    Just to clarify, you don't necessarily need new buttons. I just have plans to change them for the sake of color coordination with the artwork. They say that the Sanwa/Semitsu arguments are purely preference. With Sanwa, you get slightly more sensitive buttons that don't really require you to press down hard for inputs. Semitsu buttons apparently have slightly more tension, so people who like to rest their fingers on the buttons can do so without worrying about getting an accidental input. Plus, Semitsu has those nice looking clear buttons that (if you were modding the TE stick) you can place pieces of artwork within the buttons so that nothing gets obstructed.

    As for getting new artwork, anyone who uses Photoshop/Gimp/etc. can create artwork. What matters is how it gets printed. From my research, you can get it printed at any FedEX Kinkos office, and they say that the best quality would be heavy duty Card Stock. I'm actually having Reaper do my artwork. his sigs are always good.
    I'm amazed too. I've seen Madcatz products before, and they were usually very dismal lol. I'm impressed with their work on these sticks. As for changing the artwork, it's pretty simple on the TE Stick model I have (and I honestly can assume it's the same for your model). All it takes is removing the 6 screws on the front panel, removing the buttons, and simply peeling the stock artwork off. I hear the artwork is held together pretty loosely with weak adhesive.

    Good to hear. The edges aren't as bad as advertised correct?
    It's working like a dream bro. Hopefully pretty soon I'll be able to replace the artwork and etc. As SOON as I get the artwork finalized, I'm thinking I'll purchase the buttons and the necessary sprays so that I can adjust the colors. How's the one you have?
    I am going to get the 720p version tonight and try and get a good screencap to take to my tattoo guy next Friday.
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