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    Building my first PC - enlisting expertise please!

    Hey-o, all! The time has come to build my first ever gaming PC - a concerted effort to offset the depression that'll set in once I return to Ireland from my stint in Canada. I'm not tech savvy in the slightest; I mean, I can get around a computer pretty seamlessly and can do general...
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    Sony reveals companion mobile projector for PS4
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    Here's how Capcom should go about the potential remake of Resident Evil 2 Thoughts, comments, queries? Is this along the lines of what you'd want or have you got something else entirely in mind? I wanna know!
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    Capcom wants your opinion on a remake of Resident Evil 2

    Yes, please! In the same mold as the 2002 remake, naturally.
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    A Kojima - del Toro collaboration isn't dead in the water yet Oh yes please.
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    Rocket League E3 Hands-on Preview: In a League of Its Own Shaping up to be a must-buy next month...
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    Unravel E3 Hands-on Preview: The Ties that Bind Check it out!
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    PS4 sales trump Xbox One for month of May in North America - NPD Thoughts?
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    Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster coming to PS4 & PS3 Not unexpected but welcome methinks. What say you?
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    [OT] Bloodborne: feat. PSU's Bloodborne Review "Bleeding Brilliance'" Some notable reviews + Metacritic:
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    PSU's Battlefield Hardline Review By our very own Ernest Lin. Go check it out and discuss the game!
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    Gone Home will not be arriving on PS4 anymore
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    PlayStation accounts for lion's share of digital game sales revenue in January
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    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number release date announced - and it's soon
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    Watch Jill Valentine play Resident Evil live; talks creative process & Resi 3 HD;-talks-creative-process-+-Resident-Evil-3-HD It's actually a good stream, I recommend it! And please Capcom just remake the damn games - I'd barely trust you to boil an egg these days but I want them so bad.