• Wow, I didn't realize you've been offline for so long. o_o

    I hope everything is alright.
    Sieg, how's Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3? It looks pretty good. Was thinking about buying it once it drops in price.
    What?! Inafune is involved with the second Neptunia? That's pretty damn scary to be honest. Wow. I can only imagine what Nep 2 will be like. D=
    lol yeah. The character designs are generic military flavored nonsense. The game has a cover system, and honestly, I'm really surprised it doesn't have regenerating health. Did you hear you what Capcom said about Slant Six? Apparently Capcom say that Slant Six is the only Western Studio that "get's it" and all other western studio are crap. Then why the hell is Capcom trying so hard to copy them? lol
    Yep! Asura's Wrath is the CC2 one. I admit, it's pretty damn ugly (Unreal Engine and all) but I have some hope for it. It seems to be a throw back to Capcoms PS2 days, hopefully.

    The character designs for Raccoon city are pretty hilarious in how bad they are.
    lol yep. I own All the NIS game on that list (although I probably shouldn't have bought Last Rebellion at full price >_>).

    Man Dragon's Dogma needs alot of work. Like you said, it's pretty much Lost Planet 2 lol. Asura's Wrath is thankfully looking at least decent.
    I just beat Lord Bane, the last guy on the Wanted List for Skies of Arcadia. :)

    I had Vyse and Aika attack each turn (Pirates Wrath whenever I had enough SP), Fina use Sacrum crystals instead of the spell itself just to help conserve SP each turn, and Enrique casting Justice Shield. The fact that everyone had Defensive Aura equipped was another huge plus as it negates physical attacks. So it looks like I won't have a problem getting a 100 percent completion playthrough for Skies of Arcadia.
    Oh wow. That's super ultra mega generic. Yuck!

    From the sounds of it, Capcom is making their own version of Demon's Souls. At least it's not Breath of Fire. I'm getting seriously Elder Scrolls vibes from those screens.
    Yeah. Honestly, the image does give off Breath of Fire vibes. Interestingly enough Geostar mentioned that there's a rumor floating around that this is an open world game, and that alone is enough to turn me away. Seriously, if this turns out to be another half assed western developed game by some C rate studio then, Capcom can **** off.
    I'm loving DW7. It's the best the Three Kingdom's DW's have been in ages. Adding Wei's successor Jin was something that should have been done ages ago and Conquest mode is freakin' huge and getting the plat. for this game is going to take a good 100+ hours. Not to mention the Shu, Wu, and Wei stories can take a good 10 hours to finish each. It's even gotten a few 8's from reviewer, well, except IGN who just threw a hissy fit and complained.

    Capcom also has this, whatever it might be. http://www.capcom.co.jp/DD/
    Indeed. Capcom has really dug themselves into a hole with these Western developed games and I'm not certain they can get out of it at this point. Maybe at the TSG we'll finally see something worth while, although I have a feeling it would all be for PSP or NGP. I don't know why Capcom hasn't made a PS3 exclusive Monster Hunter, it's a sure fire seller and yet they continue to throw out garbage like Dark Void and Bionic Commando and the bargain bin bound DmC and the new TPS Resident Evil.

    Yep! Ar Tonelico is lots of fun. Plus it's super refreshing to see an old school JRPG, a breed of game that is a rarity these days. It's a shame that only Gust and a bunch of other small companies are the ones making old school JRPG's these days. I still need to finish it along with Rorona. Been caught up with DW7 lol.
    That's certainly true. I was kinda hoping Capcom would have gotten back on track once Inafune left, but sadly that doesn't seem to be the case at all. Capcom just keeps sliding further and further down the slope, and it's pretty sad to see what they've become. I just hope that HD DMC collection rumor turns out to be true, because I want nothing to do with DmC or this new TPS Resident Evil.

    Yeah, I've also noticed Atlus releasing some pretty iffy games as well. About the only Companies that make old school JRPG's are the smaller companies like Gust and what have you.
    lol I just noticed the Comcept name. Honestly, I have no idea what Inafune will do, but if he does have some games in the work, then we can all expect the same crap that he did at Capcom. I'm sure he's planning an Uber original shooter of some kind or some co-pro with some C rate western studio.
    lol yeah. I still think it's pretty stupid that you can kill Leon/other fan favorites seems like they are trying to reboot or **** people off. I'm half expecting a new Onimusha developed by some B rate western studio using the Unreal Engine.
    Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City makes me sad. Resident Evil....as an online third person shooter? Really? Capcom REALLY wants to ruin every franchise they have it seems.
    lol. That's pretty spot on. If Virgil is in the game, he'll probably be based off one of Tameem's friends and Trish will be based of his girlfriend or something. The first boss is Keiji Inafune lol. I seriously can't wait for some DmC info, because I know I'm going to get a good laugh out of it.

    On the plus side, Ar Tonelico Qoga is great, although I need to stop playing Vandal Hearts long enough to actually play it ><.
    lol yep. I expect DmC to be ULTRA GRIM DARK with an assortment of movie rip offs, and then a matrix style ending. Also, according to a rumor floating around, DmC is running at a steady 30FPS...on the Unreal Engine. What this really means is, it's running at 30 FPS on the 360. I actually can't wait for more info on this game. I want to see what a train wreck this becomes lol.
    Seig my good man, seems like we'll see some more DmC. Found this:

    "on the recent Ask Capcom event, Sven said that there will be new DmC info coming very soon. "The Wait is not much longer." Both Sven and Seth Killian have played it, and they said it was "very cool stuff". So it seems likely that it'll be there."

    "Very cool stuff" huh? Yeah....This is NT, "cool stuff" probably means Dante is ultra grim dark, and has finishing moves he can do on enemies.
    Oh my god oh my god oh my god! Epic lolz Seig. So, Bioware got butthurt over USER scores? Then sends in an employ in hope to make the USER score go up? Good god Bioware, that's just pathetic. I mean, what did Bioware expect? DA:Origins combat system on the consoles was fine. There was no need to change it into a dudebro spazz hack and slash. God, the WRPG has been dumbed down to such low levels and thanks to Bioware and Bethesda.
    lol your certainly correct on NT. Enslaved has so many problems with it. It's also a good example of how high action games don't work with Unreal. While Enslaved isn't super frantic like DMC, the second any sort of sizable enemy group and Monkey engage in a fight it get's choppy as all hell, and more than once I was in a combo and then the camera spazzed out and I ended up attacking the air. Not to mention the crap load of collison problems i.e bumping into a corner slows you down to a dead stop or the poor jumping mechanics of Monkey refusing to jump even when he clearly has an opening if the direction your suppose to go.

    I haven't seen that thread over at Neogaf about Breath of Fire, I need to check it out.

    Oh god lol. A Ghost & Goblins Bethesda style RPG. Can you imagine it?
    lol yep. Capcom is going to be in for a rude awakening when DmC final drops. I'll be surprised if the game sell million in it's entire life span. I really don't under stand why they went with Ninja theory, a company that's never really produced anything of substance and using the Unreal Engine instead of MT Framework...

    Oh crap, It just dawned on me, what if the new Onimusha is developed by a B Rate Western studio? D=
    lol Sieg, did you see this article?


    Holy Hell! Capcom is even stupider than I thought! They seriously expected the fans to eat this game up? And from a B Grade developer like Ninja Theory no less.

    I'll let Eventstatus take it from here. Drop it!


    I never saw that video where Capcom crap's all over the fans, and they want to sell 5 mil? Not gonna happen Capcom, not gonna happen!
    Ah, very interesting article. I certainly hope Capcom wakes up soon, because with bombs like DmC on the way, it's gonna be rough.

    Speaking of Ninja Theory, I'm finally giving Enslaved a full go, and boy o boy is it crap. Slow, clunky combat? Check. Crappy Unreal Engine? You bet! Monkey getting beaten down in only 3 hits? Indeed! I weep for DmC I really do. It's going to be a train wreck...why Capcom, Why?! It's not going to sell 5 million.
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