• lol no kidding. Capcom has some serious stones saying crap like that. First they say DmC will sell 5 million copies, which it won't, then they claim this one will be the best yet. Sure it will Capcom, sure it will. Of all the developers, they go with Ninja Theory...seriously, Enslaved is rental fodder or a bargain bin purchase at most.

    I also played the Dragon Age 2 demo. Man o man was that a lulz-a-thon. choppy animations, bad voice acting, tepid writing, and some seriously laughable characters. I was on the floor laughing as Hawke was spazzing out and killing Darkspawn Dynasty Warriors style. Good times.
    You know, the Dreamcast collection SEGA is releasing now doesn't really have any worthwhile games to look forward to. I mean, I'm reading Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure, Space Channel 5... not to say that those are necessarily bad games but Shenmue wasn't even on the list.

    Speaking of which, I wonder what new developments have been made with the Phantasy Star Online sequel. All we got so far was a trailer announcing that the game exists and that was a while ago.
    Awww no Trinity Uni. DLC? ; ;

    I love Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage. Koei did a great job capturing the North Star universe. Each character are actually varied and has their own unique fighting style, although Nanto Seiken character's such as Rei, Shin, and Thouzer are pretty over powered, while Ken is kinda middle of the road. Hell Toki can heal and buff himself. I actually hope Koei makes another one and while their at it, make one based on Berserk.
    I'm also curious about what your favorite music in videogames happens to be -- specifically RPGs. My top three have always been Skies of Arcadia, Chrono Cross, and Final Fantasy IX.
    I played through the Yakuza 4 demo today and I was a little disappointed at how short it was, not to mention how I couldn't perform some of the finishing blows at times when I had full stamina. There aren't a whole lot of varying combos either. I do like the over-the-top action and the clean and crisp look of the visuals but being a sandbox game you would expect to get the opportunity to go sight-seeing. Have you played it yet?
    Yar. I'd say it's closer to Drakenguard than the other Warriors games. The only things i don't like is that most of the quests tend to repeat themselves waaay to much. the voice acting is pretty mediocre, but not to bad, just average, and the story is a little on the generic side. I say wait for a price drop, which considering it's a Koei game, shouldn't take too long.
    Yeah. I'm a big fan of Koei Temco, Aksys, Fromsoft, and alot of the other smaller studios. They have really been releasing good stuff lately. I'm actually surprised Capcom hasn't brought back Dino Crisis and turned it into a shooter developed by some budget western studio. Considering they are thinking about bringing back Onimusha, it wouldn't surprise me if they brought back Dino Crisis as well. Probably bring back Maximo as a WRPG or something too lol. Speaking of Koei. Zill O'll is great stuff, even if it does get a tad repetitive.
    Yeah. MvC3 seems to be pretty hit or miss with most people. One of my friends mentioned that it's fun, but only in short bursts. Not only that, but nickle and diming people with DLC characters. Capcom is such a joke this gen it's not even funny. They honestly think crap like Bionic Commando and Dark Void would be big hits. Dark Void was freakin' mess. Cover system? check. Regenerating Health? check. Carbon copy of Nathan Drake? check. Nolan North? check. Selling less than 200k units? check. Capcom is a joke and with disasters like DmC coming out....oi.
    Yeah. Capcom honestly get's way more respect than they deserve these days. I know I'm not looking forward to RE6. Online shooter + Slant Six games = GTFO DO NOT WANT! Pretty much every Capcom game I've played this gen has been either forgettable or just lulz worthy. Bionic Commando? Forgettable. Dead Rising? Forgettable. DMC 4? I liked it. Lost Planet 2? Forgettable. Dark Void? oh lol, that's another story for another day lol.
    By the way, do you have a particular favorite scene from Skies of Arcadia? Mine was when you catch up with Drachma as he watches over Rhaknam in its last moments. I always liked the Little Jack story and how fitting it was that he became a legend in the end.

    My favorite dungeon would have to be Lord Galcian's airship. The enemies in there are fun to take down and the Valuan soldiers have always had some of the coolest designs in the game (i.e. those big executioners and mages).
    On another note, you've said before that you've seen some screenshots of Skies of Arcadia running in HD? I've never heard of that before, although it's clear that it's one of those games that age well visually. In some areas it looks better than most PS2 games.
    Do you remember this one game on the Dreamcast... I think it started with a D in the title, and it was a survival-horror game supposedly with a strong X-Files vibe to it that had one scene with you exploring a plane crash in the snowy wilderness? Have you played it before? For some strange reason I never heard anything past the first time it was previewed.
    Yeah. I'm a big Obsidian fan chiefly because for the most part the writing, direction, and overall feel is generally solid stuff. Biggest example being New Vegas being a massive improvement over Fo3 solely because the writing and direction was written by competent people and not bad fan fic writers (Emil and crew).

    Yep. I gotta a PSP. I have a lot of RPG's for the PSP, so I'll check out the one you mentioned.
    I definitely agree with that. Most of the games this year seem too be more of the same this year sadly. I'm honestly looking forward to Media Visions PS3 game... which I'm hoping we here more of that this year. RPG wise I'm probably going to pick Dungeon Siege 3, AT3, and a handful of others. I'm not touching Failrim, mainly because I know exactly what it's going to be like.
    Exactly. I get so tired of the Bethsoft and Bioware fanboy's flipping out and throwing straw man arguments at you if you dare to criticize them and some how criticizing Bethsoft and Bioware means you hate WRPG's. I've never understood that mind set. I remember when I was a wee lad I enoyed playing FO 1-2, Icewind Dale 1-2, and the Baulders Gate series, but at the same time enjoying Wild Arms, Suikoden, and a host of other JRPG's. I've been playing Mass Effect 2, and it's a fun shooter with very light RPG elements, but too call it a full blown RPG is delusional considering they dumbed all the RPG elements down considerably.
    lol I forgot about the little fairy town you can usually build. Naturally the fairies would all have the same voice actors since bethsoft would have blown millions of dollors hiring some hollywood actors to voice 10 minutes of dialog. Also more than likely the fairies would be unkillable for no reason at all. The more I think about it, the more I really have to wonder why Bethsoft get any respect from the gaming press at all. Rehashing the same blasted thing time and time again is a since of laziness and poor game design. Then they ruin Fallout by making the story more or less wish fulfillment. "We wanted to tell a story about a father and son, since we both have young kids." Way too go Todd and Emil, way to crap all over FO.
    Oh man. A WRPG style Breath of Fire...it would probably be a little something like this...

    You create your dull mary-sue/gary-sue main character that is a master at every skill/magic type afterwards you break out of a prison cell and have to save the world from a big bad evil guy/organization. After breaking out of prison you can roam around a dull bloom filled world being able to do anything/join all the factions and hyped of "moral decisions" from hype master Todd "The Toddler" Howard. Add in some pointless celebratiy voice overs and poof it will sell millions. God I hate Bethesda and their fan base.
    Do you own the Legends re-release for the Gamecube?

    Apart from some extra content and a lower rate of random battles, it's essentially the same game. They say the sound quality isn't as good, but I didn't really notice a difference. That being said, I'm wondering what the likelihood is that Sega WOW would allow a PSN release of the Dreamcast classic. There was the PSN release of Crazy Taxi but it didn't score very well amongst reviewers.

    I would love to see a sequel to Skies of Arcadia, though. Not a direct sequel since they wrapped everything up in the original, but something like how every Final Fantasy (pre-Fabula Nova Crystallis) is set in a new universe with different stories to tell.
    Yeah. I really hate the fact that Capcom has to tack an online mode on to everything these days...first Resident Evil and now (if they actually make it) Onimusha. I really don't like Capcom this gen at all. They keep pumping out crappy game after crappy game. It's sad actually.

    Although, according to the Magic Box, a Devil May Cry HD collection is rumored to be making an appearance on the PS3 and 360 with HD visuals and trophies and such. I'd pick up a copy and then skip that new train wreck and laugh when it tanks.
    Yar. Now apparently Yoshinori Ono says he wants to bring back Onimusha, which I'm fine with, as long as it isn't made of fail...although given Capcom in the state it is in now, I'm scared lol. I just know they will try something stupid if they go ahead with bring it back.

    I'm glad that Namco is bringing out Tales of Graces F, but then I say this and I was all like "What the....great, another copy and paste third person shooter..."


    Also I'm gonna lulz when DmC tanks.
    Honestly, I hope DmC turns out to be a massive flop (which it will be) for both Capcom and Ninja Theory. I don't know who is more delusional, Capcom or NT. Capcom wants to sell 5 million copies of this train wreck and then NT's seemingly disdain for the property and it's fans in general. Then capcom has then stones to say, "Oh well, it's not really a reboot. It just takes place earlier than DMC3." Never mind the fact that none of that even makes sense. I also find Tameem Antoniades lack on respect for the series in general and his penchant for tossing around BS buzz words like "Counter Culture", "Punk Rock Style", and other nonsense like that. 5 million copies Capcom? Dream on.
    Indeed. I though LP2 was pretty lame honestly, and Monster Hunter with guns is a pretty spot on description lol. A new Breath of Fire would be awesome sauce. Although, I'm sure Capcom would screw it up some how. Also glad Tales of Grace F is getting released over here as well! Guess all those flops such as Enslaved, Splatter House, and Majin didn't plan out the way they wanted lol.

    Dark Souls is so awesome that even my Pete Hines avatar is impressed.
    Oh crap, I forgot about Gun Loco. Oi. SE really needs to wake up and stop throwing these half hearted game out and expecting the western market to just eat them up. I agree. I have a feeling Gun Loco is going to be even worse as well. I really don't get SE these days.

    Yeah, I can only imagine what that Slant Six RE game is going to be like...I expect fail. Capcom is another company that confuses me.

    Yeah, I would have liked to play as Kaine and Emil as well. I'm actually surprised you couldn't.
    I love the Drakengard games. They are fap worthy.

    I rented Mind Jack since I have unlimited rentals from Blockbuster and having a seemingly endless desire to play bad games, I figured I'd give it a go. Yeah, it's a nightmare. The story is paper thin, the voice acting is just plain silly and ridiculous, the game play is shallow, the cover system hardly works, and the visuals are PS2 level. The multiplayer opinion is interesting but since the areas are so small it makes things like actual enjoying the game a chore. It's not fun replaying the same stage because you can't get help again the red hackers, luckily, you can turn it off.

    I agree. It was most definitely a cheap attempt too try and cash in on the western market and I really have to question SE's sanity even further with this game lol.
    Yar. I liked it, but I'll admit it tried to do way too many playing styles at once. I should probably try and get the Mind Jack Plat. but that game is about as fun as getting cancer.
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