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    Friends list loading speed?

    I noticed at my friends house on his PS3, his friends list/friends avatars load VERY quickly, in 5 seconds max. Meanwhile, my PS3 takes maybe 20 seconds to laod all the names/avatars. Granted, I do have a much larger friends list then he does, he has less then 10 friends and i have over 30...
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    Downloading InFamous Via PSN

    Quick question. Because you download the full version of InFamous, its running completely off the HDD. Would the loading be faster then the disc version with a partial install?
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    Trying to move copy protected files

    I'm trying to move some copy protected files ( DEMON SOULS! ) I know i cant copy it, and if i back up to my USB HDD with the Backup utility, it doesnt back it up then either. If i took the HDD, hooked it up in my PS3... i should be able to access those files and move them right? EDIT...
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    Game sharing question ( trying to stop it.)

    Hey guys quick question. So i got the Uncharted 2 and MAG betas. Someone has my account ( shared it,) and played one of the betas. I now can't play them for a bit because they did. When i click Triangle, than information i read this: "This content can be played by users other than the content...
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    This doesn't make much sense.. (Connection to PSN.)

    My download speed for PSN is great. Over ethernet, I was able to download the Batman demo in 11-12 minutes. Everything is incredibly fast. But I noticed.. I seem to lag quite a bit in LBP and disconnect from games randomly... I switched to Wi-Fi and my download speeds suffered a bit (As...
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    So about that Home Beta... Donwload the Home theme today, and enter to try and get itnot eh closed beta
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    SOCOM COmbined Assault Headset compatibility

    Hey all, my friend's 360 broke ( and he does not have a PS3. ) But he has a PS2 and SOCOM 3 ( and i kow i can play with him on SOCOM CA. ) I plan to pick up SOCOM CA tomorrow so i can play online with him. Now i use a third party USB Headset from Dynex. I want to know: Will it work with...
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    I didn't notice any hype for this game...

    a SRPG.. Disgaea 3! Its a Straegy RPG.. and i've heard of the Disgaea name before. How is the series? Are the games any good? This one looks to be more of the same, but longer and improved. SO Disgaea fans, look out for August 26th ( I think! )
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    The PSP as an MP3 player?

    Alright im looking for an MP3 player.. i have a Creative Zen Sleek and while the soudn quality is amazing, its old.. I had it since 2005, the battery is SHOT. Im lucky to get 3 hours off a full charge! So i'm looking.. I looked at the Zune, but i wasn't impressed. I'm not so keen on iPods (...
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    OK seriously.. WTF ( MGO Shop related )

    We all know how stupid Konami is for the damn GAME ID / KONAMI ID crap... Its just over complicated annoyances. BU tregardless i have a problem with logging into the MGO shop. For the first time is DAYS, i'm FINALLY able to get into the log in screen.. but i've been having the same problem i...
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    TV's versus HDTVs.

    OK i have a Dilemma.. I want to get a new display, but i am not sure if it should be a PC monitor or an HDTV. I use a 20.1 Inch PC monitor now, and it looks good, but idk if a HDTV ( Which the consoles are made for ) would look better. ) So simply put, Would you recomm end you getting a HDTV...
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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 community?

    How many peopel play vegas 2 online? I was thinking of getting it from my friend, but he wants me to pay, and i only will if peopel play it.
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    Larrgest HDD?

    Hey all, I have a 160GB HDD in my PS3 at the moment, and i'll probably be fine with that.. BUt i want to know ( mainly due to friends asking.. ) What is the largest HDD that the PS3 can recognize? I know some people here have 250GBs.. Is it possible for the PS3 to have a 320GB HDD in? That...
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    Official PlayStation Bluetooth Headset official ( Pics included )

    The awaited release of SOCOM Confrontation will ship, with the official PlayStation headset ( The Blu Ray version only of course ) It looks really similar to those low quality headset pics we all saw a while back. ..In fact, looking at that one old leaked pic, it IS the same design :p ANd...
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    Limited Edition Collecton

    I have a question.. I know the limited edition soundtrack comes with it.. but i wanna know, does the soundtrack get put on its own CD, or is it thrown on the extra Blu Ray disc with the extra videos? I hope it comes on a CD