• don't know really what to say about your posting issue. i have zero mod, admin, anything power here.. they made sure of that. I can't look into it to see if i can spot an issue.. sorry man
    i dont know how you look like atm so i dont know whether you should be gaining weight or losing some fat. but if you are skinny right now, just keep a lot and gain weight.
    bruce lee was pretty small so you should look like him, if not bigger, after 1 year of consistent training. not 1 on and off year, but 1 consistent year where you dont skip any sessions.
    how much do you weigh at the moment? and how much do you want to weigh at the end of 6 months?
    truth is that you dont really need to get caught up in the whole perfect diet, counting macros, counting calories etc. just train consistently and the ONLY thing you have to focus on is training with 100% effort 5-6 days a week, 45 minutes a day and to make sure you're eating enough. do those 2 things consistently and you'll be bigger than 99% of the population lol
    Not really, other than maybe try to sharpen it up. If its from an online source then put it in the google image search to find a better version
    Yeah man use all that support as strenght to keep you going. :) I hope you make it!
    You got to stop thinking that way bro. I'm sure if you put your all into it start with small goals you'll eventually work your way up to be successful time and patience and thanks bro I'm doing my best. :)
    Yeah its cool man. I just only worry about managing enough to get by in life. Worrying about my grandparents and mother mostly. Gramps is started to lose sight :( I never once thought I was mediocre. I have a postive view towards things.
    Lol cool g'luck with that.
    I'm fine as well. Fam is ok. Not to much bull so its good.
    Its fine I'm free atm you got a specific image you want or you want me to surprise you?
    lmao smartass here a vertical avy since its very popular format nowadays :lol:
    Btw what do you think of the sig?I actually tried unlike the mila one...:snicker
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