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    What do ya'll think bluepoint games is working?

    I need to get off of twitter because I refreshing their page waiting for that announcement. It's not healthy 😂 I just keep racking my brain because they said, "Twas the night before." They didn't specify Christmas, and they did mention an announcement reference in the next line.It seems like...
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    What do ya'll think bluepoint games is working?

    Edit They just posted this. "That no sleep tonight " and "creatures stirred for announce." It seems like an announcing is coming in my opinion. They already dropped two teaser tweets since Halloween. "Twas the night before, excitement mounts In stealthily wrapped boxes creatures stirred for...
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    What do ya'll think bluepoint games is working?

    See, that's what I was thinking also. I thought that there was so many soul like games recently that it would be overkill honestly. Also, I think that a ps3 game wouldn't justify a remake in comparison to something older like The Legend Of The Dragoon and MGS. Plus, I read when a fan asked Peter...
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    What do ya'll think bluepoint games is working?

    Hey, everyone, I would like your opinions on what you think bluepoint games is working on? ( sorry if this was already discussed.) Anyways, it's been confirmed that the next title will on the playstation 5. If I was on computer, I would post the teaser tweet they uploaded. Anyways, in the...
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    Sony & Nintendo combo package Do y'all think this will lead to them working together? I sure hope so
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    New York offers free college. * discussion How do y'all feel about this? Do y'all feel like free education is a Worthy investment? Or do you feel like people should pay for their own college? Personally I feel like...
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    I have a question

    Do y'all think it's possible that a draft could occur during this whole Syria ordeal?Honestly it has me a little worried since I'm thinking about going to college. They make you sign up for it. (I thought I did it when I was 18 but apparently not) Don't get me wrong, I respect the military that...
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    Square-enix announcement tomorrow

    Any ideas on what this may be? Edit: Sorry, didn't let me upload the photo. Also. Forgot my apostrophe lol
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    Could someone please edit this picture for me?

    Could someone please edit like a blue light coming from the pokéballs & perhaps pikachu & squirtle also? I don't need it as a SIG BTW. Thank you advance will rep all attempts by
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    I need help. Will rep.

    Okay, so I use my phone's portable hotspot sometimes to use an older phone of mine. Last month I used it but ran out of hotspot sharable data. I paid my bill & it refreshed. I connect with my other phone & it says connected. However, when I go to use it, it doesn't work despite being connected...
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    How to tag a celebrity on Facebook

    Do any of y'all know how? I tried using the @TheVeronicaTaylor but it didn't work.
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    So basically I went to Comic Con & while I was there I started to thinking about individuality. I just saw a bunch of people doing what they love. When I met Veronica Taylor she seemed so happy she does what she loves & I think life beats our passion out of us sometimes. My question is though...
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    I need a Pokémon edit :) will rep

    so I recently met Veronica Taylor. We took a picture with pokéballs in our hands. I was wondering if one of the many Talented designers could edit it & make it look cool. Thanks in advance if you can. Will post picture once confirmed since I'm not sure if it's allowed since it's not a sig or Any.
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    need help. update

    sorry for not responding. I have pics I want you to look at. I could post them but there's alot. Please visit my instagram to see them . Desiredadonis. I doshoutouts 4 fansigns. I want to make sure tHe writing is legit an 2 make sure the fansign wasn't cropped into their hands. Please check and...