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    Fall software sales prediction

    It's time to predict top 5 best selling games this fall. 1. Call of Duty: Black Ops Reason: The symbol for pop gaming this generation. You know Bobby Kotick is thinking day and night about how to charge subscription for it. Chances of it outselling MW2: 0.2% 2. Gran Turismo 5...
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    Has the novelty worn off? Modern Warfare 2 = Fat Princess?

    I got MW2 early, and I finished the single player, it's about 7 hours. I played a little bit of special ops, but didn't get really get into it. I tried to play on harden but it's getting a bit boring. I heard the multi-player is like Fat Princess, but I've already played that game. Also everyday...
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    UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves - Behind the Scenes

    UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves BTS Videos, I don't think they are available on the disc. They have all the major characters doing a round table discussion. UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves™ - Meet the Actors BTS #7 YouTube - UNCHARTED 2: Among Thievesâ„¢ - Meet the Actors (BTS #7) UNCHARTED 2: Among...
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    Change rules about sales threads

    A while ago some forum members proposed a sales sub-forum, the idea was discussed, and I'm sure most people understand Admins' decision to not endorse it. But sales threads are still a bit of a problem, so some changes need to be done. I think sales-comparison threads posted in the PS3...
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    Bungie says Halo: Reach is its last Halo game, working on new IP with new publisher
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    Rein: Sony financial issues prevented PS3 price drop
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    BioWare: EA owns Mass Effect IP (Translation: It could still come to PS3)
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    Rockstar's Agent to be "genre-defining"
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    wait, what are they talking about?

    YouTube - wait, what are they talking about?
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    MAG Appreciation

    YouTube - PS3 MAG OFFICIAL E3 FIRST MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY DEMO - SONY CONFERENCE This game blows my mind. The length of a map is as big as the entire Liberty City. The scale is huge, the battlefield is immerse.
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    Kojima new IP coming exclusively to Xbox360?

    Gamefork is on a roll.
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    Bizarre Recounts Strained Relationship With Microsoft
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    Future of gaming on the Cloud - Onlive - GDC 09: Debut Tech Interview Part 1 - Onlive - GDC 09: Debut Tech Interview Part 2 Cloud Computing is a confusing term because everyone has a different take. What Cloud really is...
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    Exclusives Analysis: PlayStation 3
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    2009:Year of the Playstation Brand