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    Will they fix the problems with Madden 07?

    There is a lot of people on the EA Sports forums who are really mad about Madden 07 for the 360. *A lot of online games are getting disconnected. *It appears that if you sign a FA (or trade) for a player that has the same number as someone on your team. The cpu automatically assigns the...
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    Earthworm Jim for PSP Hands On. (YEAAAH!!) Anyone who has played Earthworm Jim can agree when I say it was an amazing game.
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    "There is no 9/11 conspiracy, you morons."

    Maddox gives his 2 cents about the 9/11 conspiracy and the video "Loose Change". Great Read.
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    F.E.A.R. Announced for PS3!!

    Seems a little iffy but hell yeah, FEAR on the Ps3. Sorry If its been posted.
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    AIM/MSN Virus Help

    About 5 days ago I got a virus through AIM somehow. And now after a while it'll go through all of the people on my buddylist and send a message saying "Would you mind if I put this picture of us up on MySpace?" and then a link to a page that downloads a virus on the computer. And now i have...
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    Technology Breakthrough: A Cure For Blindness If this can be done successfully just imagine what it'll be like for people who have never been able to see for their entire life.
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    Sign A Petition To Bring Back Old Nickelodeon Shows!

    Salute Your Shorts Are You Afraid of the Dark Doug Rocko's Modern Life The Original All That Legends of the Hidden Temple Wild and Krazy Kids Adventures of Pete & Pete Hey Dude The Secret Life Of Alex Mac Angry Beavers Keenan & Kel Ren and Stimpy Clarissa Explains It All If...
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    PSP Video Converter

    Does anyone know of a good, free PSP Video Converter that works good and doesn't come with a hella bunch of Spyware on it?
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    NCAA Football on the 360 *56k Warning*

    This game looks amazing. And EA has satelites :shock: :?:
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    Is Halo Overrated? (Let the Battle Begin)

    Just wondering if there are some of the few out there like me who think that Halo is a really overrated game, and hate all of the kids who talk about going to other kids houses for some "Halo Party". It's really quite ridiculous to me. And yes, I have played the games or else I wouldn't be...
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    Final Fantasy XII Earns Perfect Score From Famitsu

    Man, I can't wait for this. I need a U.S. Release date!
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    Jerry C (Amazing Guitarist)

    If you havn't heard of this guy before, he goes by Jerry C he's taiwanese i believe and he is an amazing guitarist. He has some serious talent. He took Canon by Pachelbel (a composer) and created an amazing rock version of it. You can see the video of that and many other awesome videos of him...
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    The Official "Bode Miller Is a Tool" thread.

    This guy had to be one of the most over-hyped, cocky, arrogant losers around. He is still talking about how awesome he is even though he made himself look like an idiot by not even coming close to getting a medal, let alone a gold medal. He has to be one of the biggest busts in recent olympic...
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    "Black Not on Target for the Xbox 360" I used the search, sorry if this has already been posted.
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    Who wins Super Bowl XL in Detroit?

    Since the conference championships are decided, who wins Super Bowl XL in Detroit? The Seattle Seahawks, or The Pittsburgh Steelers?