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    CERN Update: New Boson Observed with 4.9 Sigma Accuracy!

    Guardian Live Blog of the conference here: Highly likey it is the Higgs-Boson, great achievement for the staff at CERN. Really happy Peter Higgs who is now 83 has lived to see this...
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    TF2 Is Free Forever!

    One of the best MP games is free! Everyone who doesn't own this get it now!
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    WikiLeaks cables: US agrees to tell Russia Britain's nuclear secrets Interesting...
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    Cyclone Heading to Australia Anyone living near that area?
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    Seasonal Events #5

    Are up; Go go.
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    Seasonal Events #4

    Deep forest raceway - Mitsubishi i-MiEV Cr.300,000 exp 30000 Grand Valley - Volvo C30 Cr. 450,000 exp 50000 Daytona Road - Dodge Challenger SRT8 Cr. 500,000 exp 60000 Nurburgring - Volkswagen Golf Cr. 750,000 exp 90000 High speed ring - Super GT GT500 class cars Cr. 1,500,000 exp 120000...
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    Motorstorm Apocalypse Developer Diary 1

    Tons of new footage. I said wow.
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    License Progress

    So where is everyone at with these? I managed to finish off the special license a short while ago with all gold. Are you using a wheel or pad etc I still think IC3 (Double hairpin) and IA10 was the hardest one since the car sucks under braking and your not fast enough in a straight line to...
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    New F12010 Dev Diary Some more gameplay footage in there aswell.
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    WipEout Meetup Tonight

    Short notice i know, having a little get together tonight trying to get a few more players up for it. Fury addon isn't required but is preferred, 8PM UK time (1hr 50min). Havent decided rules or game modes yet so if want something specific to be played just let me know, post your tags in...
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    FIFA11 Details Cannot wait :D
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    Critter Crunch - Why Do People Not Own This?

    Platform: PSN (Also on iPhone) Developer: Capy Genre: Puzzle Release Date: Oct 8th (NA) | Nov 19th (EU) Price: ON SALE NOW IN EU! Demo: Yes YouTube- Critter Crunch - Debut Trailer (HD) Bought this yesterday because it was on sale and its...
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    MGS4 Patch Incomming?

    Most likely MGS4, any other suggestions?
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    New Care Package Glitch

    YouTube- Mw2 Infinte Care Package Glitch After Patch 1.08 Post 1.08 patch. Oh dear.