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    PS3 Gigabit Ethernet

    Well I have finally given up on the wireless and decided that cable wins the battle after all. I have tried to get rid of the cables and go completely wireless, but after nedless problems with antenna's and line of sight and WEP/WPA/PK/AES/etc. I have truly given up on trying to make...
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    Singstar: can't transfer Singstore songs between PS3s

    I have a problem with Singstar and the tracks downloaded from Singstore. At Christmas we downloaded a lot of tracks and put them on my Son's PS3. A lot of them are tracks that he isn't interested in. Hence, we want to move the tracks downloaded onto his PS3 onto my PS3. We share a master...
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    Singstar delayed to 29th Jul in europe

    I was expecting Singstar this month on 22nd, but just got an email from Game telling me Singstar is delayed until 29th July.