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    Windows 7 Taskbar question?

    I have all my apps that I use in the taskbar but my google chrome launcher does not show up. I mean it is there just not with a picture of the chrome logo. It seems as soon as I delete it from the desktop, it does it. So I went into program files and chrome isnt in there for me to use that as...
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    Ratchet and Clank Sig/Avy

    I have been playing the **** out of A Crack in Time lately and just want to show my love for one of the most fun games I have played in awhile. So some guidelines. - The older Ratchet, don't want a pic of him when he was young. - Want to have Ratchet the main focal point. Clank isn't as...
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    Looking for an Android OS sig - Rep for all entries

    I have been in love with the Android OS for some reason and I want a sig to show it. Don't even own a Android phone but god do I want one. Some pics. Not very many but its more than nothing. Just looking for a cool looking sig. The size should be whatever is standard now. Not exactly...
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    Badass Michael Myers Sig (Halloween)

    I am looking for a badass Michael Myers sig. I want it to be scary, brutal, and like a grimy look to it like it is horror. Do not add my username to the sig unless it will make it look better. I will give all my sp for one but it has to be awesome. Any pics can be used. +rep to all entries
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    Need help getting a free game :)

    I know the title sounds weird but I am doing the Toys R Us buy 2 get 1 free deal but I don't know what game I want to get for free. I want the game to be the best I can get but everything I want comes out after the deal ends. So what do you think is the best games out there now that I should...
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    Naughty Dog explain why they thanked Bungie and others

    Source Wonder if they actually gave tips to the developers they thanked and if they got tips from them as well. Seems ND is pretty friendly.
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    Scale of Gran Turismo 5 “Dizzying”, says Yamauchi

    Source I really hope this games has so much to do that I can play it forever. I want a lot of customization, lots of cars to choose from and great online. I think the Nissan GT-R will be on the cover. That car seems to be amazing cause it is and didn't polyphony have a hand in making the...
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    House broken into and PS3 slim stolen :(

    Just posting this cause it really sucks and makes me sad and just have to tell people. So I went to work today with a friend to make some money to get Uncharted 2. Made $100 bones and was all excited to get it at midnight and play it. Then I come home to hear that my house was broken into...
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    GameTrailers defends their Uncharted 2 review

    Source I don't see why they need to defend it, a 9.3 is very good and they even say go buy this game. Also something else I thought of when reading this. Might get locked and trashed immediately but why not say it anyway. They gave Uncharted 2 a 9.3 which is very good but it was not...
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    Sending PS3 back to Sony Question.

    My 40Gb PS3 has the YLOD and I am thinking on sending it back to Sony and paying the $150 but I have already opened the system and tinkered with it. Will they still take it since I am paying the money or am I **** out of luck. This has probably been asked so many times but the forums are so...
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    Same game costs more on PSP Go than on iPhone... why?

    Source That really sucks. Kind of makes me not one but at the same time there are other reasons I want a PSP Go! Wonder who's fault it is. Sony's or the Devs??
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    R&C A Crack in Time Demo at Walmart?!?!

    Don't know if you guys know this but there was a demo for A Crack in Time at my Walmart. Couldn't play it cause my neck was starting to hurt cause their setup sucks horribly. Wonder if a demo will come to the PSN soon?? Sorry if already posted and known.
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    Blue PS3 Controllers at Bestbuy.

    Don't know if people know this cause I didn't know it until I went to Bestbuy today and they had Blue PS3 controllers with the new PS3 logo on the boxes. Just letting people know if they want it. If people already know, please close this thread and sorry. Edit...
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    Google Chrome OS Screenshots?

    Source I think it looks awesome. Very simple. Makes me think of the Android OS. Hopefully is it fast, light so I can use it for like a netbook or portable laptop.
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    Your Day??

    So the point of this thread is to post what you did each day. So you come in here and post the major parts of your day, (if you want, personal reasons) just so we see what PSU members do daily. I just thought iy would be a cool idea. Might not work, but who cares. My Day: - Played some...