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    Lord of the Rings Blu-ray dated on Amazon!

    Just got informed by Amazon that the Lord of the Rings blu-ray trilogy will be releasing on April 6, 2010!!! Yay! I've been waiting for a date forever. Easily my most anticipated blu-ray ever. The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (Theatrical Editions) [Blu-ray]...
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    All the Rock Band Track Packs have Trophies!

    Dang! I've been spending all my money on downloading all the songs for Rock Band...I have around 700 songs now...but I didn't realize that the track packs they've been selling have trophies! I could have been cleaning house on TONS of Rock Band trophies. That's kind of BS. Oh I...
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    Rock Band - Breaking Benjamin!!!

    Yeah! I'm really pumped about Breaking Benjamin finally entering the music games! Also coming next week is a bunch of Alice and Chains. Good week!
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    Playstation Video Store offers free episode of Gunslinger Girl

    If anybody is interested in checking out the anime Gunslinger Girl, PSN video store has the first episode of season 2 free until September 17th... Free is always good.:D
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    Amazon Gold Box Deal - $349 80 GB PS3

    Hey guys, just a heads up...Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day is an 80 GB PS3 for $349. You can get free shipping too, plus no tax. For those unwilling to wait for a price drop, now might be the time.
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    Persona 5 coming to next gen consoles soon?

    This would be great news....I'm a huge fan. Always TONS of hours of playing and I love the whole social aspect of Persona games...
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    Rock Band 2 DC 1/20....Steve Miller Band, Rob Zombie, Godsmack, & more.

    Here is the downloadable content announced for Rock Band 2, week of 1/20. All are original master recordings. Looks like a pretty good list to me. I'll be getting the Steve Miller Band, Godsmack, and Rob Zombie stuff. Steve Miller Band “The Joker” Steve Miller Band “Space Cowboy”...
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    Famitsu Sales 12/29 - 1/04, Great WKC 2nd Week!

    Great 2nd week for White Knight Chronicles! 73,000 put into perspective, DMC4 sold 34,000 units its second week and MGS4 sold 65,000 units its second week...
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    360 getting new Magna Carta

    Edit: The photos aren't new, N4G article is wrong....thread can be deleted. I'm really excited about this one. I've known they were making it for the 360 for the last year or so, but it's nice to see it's still proceeding and that they actually have a few screenshots they can show us now...
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    Rumor: Rock Band 2 January Downloadable List Leaked! The Roy Orbison was just confirmed to be true yesterday, so this list may very well be right. Some Lenny Kravitz and Steve Miller Band should have people happy, but still no Def Leppard.:(
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    Replacement HDMI Port?

    Does anyone know if or where I can buy a replacement HDMI port for my ps3? Mine went bad and I'd rather just put in a new one myself rather than send my unit to Sony for repair. It's a launch unit 60 GB and I move it at least twice a week (unplug/plug it to take to my gaming shack) so it has...
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    Official Rock Band 2 Trophy Thread (Includes some Tips:)

    Well, I finally got my Platinum Trophy on Rock Band 2!:D Lol, it actually took quite awhile and a few of them were really tricky and time consuming (Endless Setlist 2). My last one was the Steel Bladder Trophy...I made the mistake of doing this Trophy while I was I started to...
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    New Edge of Twilight Video Released

    Definitely appears interesting. I'll have to actually see some gameplay and everything to actually know for sure though. I like the concept of CyberPunkFantasy....I'll keep it on my radar for now even though the trailer is almost worthless...
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    My Rock Band 2 Halloween Party!

    Hey all! If you don't have this game, you really need to pick it up. It's expensive, but it's a BLAST. I have right around 400 songs to choose from now and the Trophy support is an addicting, added bonus. I thought I'd post a few pics from my Halloween Rock Band 2 party--had around 25-30...
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    It's official: Beatles coming to Rock Band!

    Wow, this is great news! NY Times reports, the deal is done and Rock Band is getting the Beatles! I had been hearing the rumors, but was surprised they actually managed to get it done. The Beatles are a pain about licensing their music to anyone. I must say, I'm definitely enjoying RB2...