• So here I am searching "game of thrones sig" on google and I find this amazing signature,. I click the link and it takes me to the deviantart of our friendly neighbourhood Spryde!

    I would really like to know how you get that dept of field and the whole 'disintegrating' effect.
    My theory is that for DOF you can use blur and then erase parts of it and for the effect, its just some smudge
    Well I use photoshop but I'm not having problems with the program itself just the sig so I don't think that should matter.
    Hey spy can I ask for some advice? I've been trying to do this sig but I'm having some trouble with a few things.
    Spyman, as a DS member you need to check the DS clubhouse once in a while to check for important stuff.

    We have been trying to get the opinions of the DS on wither or not to recruit MC to the DS.

    Yay, or Nay?
    Well I don't want people hard work to go to waste by not using it. I still have to figure out the kind of sig I want for myself. Haven't figured out what to make though.
    Cc made that one for me a while ago. I have others people have made. I was going to make one for myself but decided to use his.
    Did you have any luck with my request? :)

    I forgot to mention that time was of the essence.
    awesome. thanks 4 the avys. sent 200sp your way!
    Hey mate! Kwes said to ask you about getting something made for the content side of the site, as his photoshop is broken currently.

    Would it be possible if you could create me a news icon for my weekly articles called The Weekend Recap? Would love to get some awesome community icon work on the front page :D
    Cheers. Yeah, he did. I'm giving him the remainder for SP, because he made this one and he's making another two U3 signatures for me. They're pretty awesome.
    I just can't get enough of that pic you posted in Blus epic thread. The one with the photoshopped facebook images. I swear to god, it brings me to tears every time :D
    Gears of War? :)

    I found a GoW render on my PC that i've never used. What theme you want?
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