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    Anonymous "SOTW" Voting [POLL]

    I and many others think that it would be best to go back to "Anonymous" polling [ You pm your entries to the SOTW coordinator and he posts them up numerological keeping the anonynimity till the SOTW round is over.], like it was when Svetlana was DS leader as example. I think its a good way to...
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    Xbox Live Update Info

    I took a look around the web, and Im trying to find more info and some screenshots of the upcoming xbox 360 update that everyone is talking about. If you guys can help me out with some links , thatd be aweosme! Thx! :mrgreen:
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    Anyone want to batte?

    So it would be a car stock of somesort no size limit . Im putting up 1 icon ak.a 1,000 points. Anyone?
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    XBL Question

    My xbl gold is going to expire, I was wondering what exactly will i be missing out on except the multiplayer chat and such? Will I still unlock achievements? Can I still download demos? If I want to renew after it expires will it be the same?
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    Hooking My 360 to my monitor (commen)

    Well I want to hook up my xbox360 to my samsung 226bw 22" widescreen. The video is one thing, but Id also need a audio solution.. being that id use my monitor for pc too, so something convenient. Any ideas? Thanks! :)
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    Layouts~ Stephan

    I havent done layouts for sometime, im gunna get back soon.. but i might aswell post some of my older ones (1-2 months ago) and a newer one (2 weeks ago ) Newer one : Layout 2 : Layout 3 :
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    Banner I made

    I made a banner for a contest on my own website, thought I might post it up to get some opinions.
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    C4D [ WireFrames]

    Here are some wireframes I made! Hope you guys like em! Download Link: Preview :
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    Cheap High Quality C4D's

    Here you go guys, top quality C4DS going cheap: 250 Credits for using rights : Send Creds and post, and Ill send you the link to ddl it :) Enjoy, ^_^
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    2 Advanced Photoshop Tutorials of Mine

    Tutorial 1 : Tutorial 2: Enjoy and comment :)
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    Ban on feeding cows dope

    Link to artical ~ So you would get high from the cheese? LMAO!
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    Man Breaks Into Home Over Porn Screams!

    Link to article! - LMAO! This cant get funnier!
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    Official:April Fools Day - prep!

    Yeah its a while away, but last year the whole firefox, Microsoft thing got us good... and we can all admit that. Now not to get caught off guard it would be cool for people to start generating ideas... and to be on the look out for sneaky things. Thats why we will have a council for this...
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    SOTW : Vertical [Congrats Disillusion ]

    SOTW : Vertical style! Please people, dont vote for yourselfs, your vote will be counted even if you do vote for yourself, but its a cheap way of getting a vote. Please do not Speculate or guess who made the sigs, reason it makes some people bias [negative or positive]. SIG#1: Minimal...
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    Fractal Sig battle!

    We arent going to say the names till the end... Its a battle for the best Fractal/Abstract sig... Kepping in mind aspect ratios, and making it look ok. SIG#1: S360 Sig#2:ADZ