• I think that function is a bit bugged, you can change the thread name in advanced edit options but it doesn't change the thread name in the forum section it self, it only changes it on top of the first post in the thread, so people still see it pre change when they go into the PS3 games section for example.

    Mind renaming it:
    Resident Evil 6 Announced - News & General Discussion Thread

    Ill add it to my sig and make sure its being updated with any important news, also improved the layout on the main post and ill update that with anything of importance.

    Thanks for always helping out, your doing a great job as SMC.
    Never really spent much time in the Off Topic/Post Spam sections. Always big on the game stuff though. Yep, was SMC for a while.
    It was a culmination of things; the site not working half the time, losing posts, forum restores which would wipe posts (I lost a review once, and a BIG update to the Aussie thread another time. I used to keep TXT files on my computer with copies of my big posts/reviews it got that bad), then the place got hacked. Coupled with Seb never being around and never getting answers, and the whole debacle that erupted in the staff when I went to PSUni (got accused of siphoning off info and all sorts of ridiculous stuff that never happened - I went there to review, nothing else), it just seemed like an appropriate time to resign SMC and cut ties as the politics and broken nature of the forum had killed the enjoyment for me.
    Felt rude to not at least pop in and say hello. Never really thought I'd have left an impression, but still a few people around here who remember me 8)
    You're welcome! Some I didn't vote on because I don't know some members. Wouldn't be an honest vote that way.
    Likewise man, the thread i made has got alot of attention and its brought out the best in all the smart members that has posted in it. So thanks for getting into the thread and enjoying it

    thanks friend, i have been away for a few months and have a fresh mind and i have just acknowledge the use for it :)
    That's cool I usually put stuff in there but it gets little to no attention and I'm just left hanging.
    Anytime. And yes, this does mean I willl be coming back. I have just had problems in my way, things such as my girlfriend and stuff but it has all been sorted now and we are still going strong. It will be good to speak to you again and the rest of the guys. See you around the forums! :D
    Schaffin my good friend. Long time no speak! Congratulations on the promotion, only just came back from a BIG break and just noticed then. Sorry about that, haha (: How's life been treating you?
    i just reported mynd for the comment directed at me in the move thread. that guy has a habit of getting into arguments in the move section. he should be banned from it
    Didn't know you played mw2. Why did you quit you job? I agree. things are so simple for me right now atleast.
    Didn't expect a message from you but i'm doing good. Playing mw2 right now and how are you?
    Typical brown-nosing from Schaff. :D

    Thanks man. Keep up the good work yourself.
    Depends on what device you want to read it, Kindle is for Kindle (duh), PDF is universal and ePub can be read in iBooks among other platforms.
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