• Just a idea here, bro, but you ever watched the episode of family guy where they be like have you ever did this and if you did it you drink? I was thinking about a Forum drinking game or have you ever. The rules we're going to be that someone puts a have you ever did this and the person below says if he had or haven't and if he had. He drinks not literally of course. Example *Drinks*
    Yeah, i understand it's not really a big problem but it does have something to do with equality. :)
    Thanks for moving it by the way. Yeah, i seen the other thread that hitman posted but mine was better! He had the first one so it doesn't matter[img] Me and itatchi can't see who repped by the way. I told cuguy and he said he said he doesn't know. Can ya'll work on the matter?!
    I wish y'all would come own me. [img], but seriously it's okay. I don't like all the threads i post but y'all should've let me keep my let's spam this thread. It kept wesmore in it so he wouldn't refer to me in a thread and then it goes off topic.
    Yeah, well, i don't wanna post something and it'll be"Spam" and then get banned for it. Wait, a minute,you want me banned?![img] I thought we we're friends?![img]I can see i misconstrued your intentions. :snicker. Seriously though. I'll consult someone before i post. I won't bother you all the time.
    Touche. I guess i'll just ask you what you think before i post threads from now on. Your gonna be my guardian angel![img]
    I just wanna run this by you. What if i made a thread that was called "A manly thread that Only a man would approve of" And we talked about Women, Drugs, Money and just had general Discussions at. Could i do that?
    You think that i'm that naive that i don't see what's going on here?! This love/Hate relationship we have here is gonna have to end, Schaffin, *pulls out sword* I didn't want it to come to this but you put this upon yourself. So what's it going to be. Love or hate?! Between us.*Readies sword*
    I know what's going on between us! I'm the cheerful, funny, nice guy Aka Tidus and your the Frank, Outspoken, kinda mean and little bit of humor Aka Auron.
    I'm NOT going to play FFX with you on these forums! This my story and i'll end right here and right now! Just because you knew my father doesn't mean you know me! *Music playing in the background*
    aye, they'll probably both quit there and then, in fact you might even succeed in killing Coma off after all these many years :snicker
    *Looks at user title* I don't know how that got there. :snicker
    Congrats on your promotion.
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