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    Uncharted 2 beta still up and running?

    Anyone know why the beta is still going? I thought it was supposed to end yesterday (Saturday).
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    Black screen during Iron Man playback?

    I watched Iron Man last night, no problems, great movie. Then later on my brother wanted to watch it and about two minutes into the movie it just cut to a black screen. We exited out to the XMB and started it sgain. Same thing. This happened about five times in a row before we gave up. The...
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    When will Amazon be shipping?

    I pre-ordered on Amazon to take advantage of the free $10 gift card, and still haven't head from them when they'll be shipping out. They said they'd send out an email as soon as Sony let them know when it would be available. Well, people are now able to buy it from the stores and I still...
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    Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway for $40

    Good deal.
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    Gears 2 Multiplayer details

    These have been all but confirmed so it's pretty much safe to say it's legit. Numerous forum posters are claiming it's real and over at GAF Cliffy stated that the EGM stuff that was posted was fake (the same one with the false MGS4 review) but didn't comment on this stuff...
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    MS owns the patent to cross game invites and custom soundtracks?

    I saw this posted in another forum, there was no link for the custom soundtracks but here's the patent info for the cross game invites...
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    Anyone know how much EB/GameStop gives you for a trade-in on the 360?

    Pretty much what the title says. I want to trade my current 360 in and get a Falcon. Anybody know exactly how much they give you for a Premium w/ the hard drive?